Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Some Good Work

It's always a happy day on P-Day! I love them! They are probably the best thing ever! They are a much much much needed break! Anyways I had a very good week!

So the area hasn't had any baptisms for like 5 months, and they generally teach 5 lessons a week. HORRIBLE! So this week boy have I been pushing to do some good work! Cause I found when you waste a mission day, you tend to hate your mission. But when you spend all your time working the days fly by and you love it! So I push my comp. haha
Anyway, this week we commited 2 investigators to baptism on the 17th of March! haha I am so excited! After we got in the car and they closed the door I starting shouting for joy! haha I never realized how excited I would be when I see people accept the gospel! So I'm way pumped! Hopefully my VISA doesn't come before then and I can be here for their baptisms!

One lady has a way cool story about how she has been getting all these "signs" from God to find a religion and all sorts of things have happened and then we showed up on her door. And before she hasn't let missionaries teach her, but we got in and BAM! 1st lessons baptism! She came to church yesterday and she is a golden investigator! She's read half the BOM in 2 days! I love it!

The other is an 11 year old boy (mom is a member) and he really wants baptism and I'm impressed about how much he knows! So that is very good! So I'm excited for them too!

Yesterday we had 3 investigators at church with us and in the past the area has been lucky to get 1 a month. So the field is white. Someones just gotta work at it! So hopefully the Ward will get fired up about the investigators and give us referrals! (or how ever you spell it).

Last night we got a call from the zone leaders and they talked to me for a minute about how much I've impacted the area since I've been here for 9 days and how they see the change in the work effort and the numbers and the new investigators and stuff so that was nice to hear. But all is well here! This week has gone by fast! And its almost MARCH! crazy huh?

Sounds like you had a very good trip on the cruise and dad and the kids have been staying busy with stuff! So thats good!

If you send me my memory card for my camera I will send you the other one I have now of my new comp/ area/ everything! So whenever you want pics send that to me!

My spanish is getting better and I'm doing a very good job at keeping up on it! I speak it all the time and during comp study I do it all in spanish (my comp doesn't like it but I have to in order to keep up on it!) so yeah... hahaha not a whole lot is knew!


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