Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Some Good Work

It's always a happy day on P-Day! I love them! They are probably the best thing ever! They are a much much much needed break! Anyways I had a very good week!

So the area hasn't had any baptisms for like 5 months, and they generally teach 5 lessons a week. HORRIBLE! So this week boy have I been pushing to do some good work! Cause I found when you waste a mission day, you tend to hate your mission. But when you spend all your time working the days fly by and you love it! So I push my comp. haha
Anyway, this week we commited 2 investigators to baptism on the 17th of March! haha I am so excited! After we got in the car and they closed the door I starting shouting for joy! haha I never realized how excited I would be when I see people accept the gospel! So I'm way pumped! Hopefully my VISA doesn't come before then and I can be here for their baptisms!

One lady has a way cool story about how she has been getting all these "signs" from God to find a religion and all sorts of things have happened and then we showed up on her door. And before she hasn't let missionaries teach her, but we got in and BAM! 1st lessons baptism! She came to church yesterday and she is a golden investigator! She's read half the BOM in 2 days! I love it!

The other is an 11 year old boy (mom is a member) and he really wants baptism and I'm impressed about how much he knows! So that is very good! So I'm excited for them too!

Yesterday we had 3 investigators at church with us and in the past the area has been lucky to get 1 a month. So the field is white. Someones just gotta work at it! So hopefully the Ward will get fired up about the investigators and give us referrals! (or how ever you spell it).

Last night we got a call from the zone leaders and they talked to me for a minute about how much I've impacted the area since I've been here for 9 days and how they see the change in the work effort and the numbers and the new investigators and stuff so that was nice to hear. But all is well here! This week has gone by fast! And its almost MARCH! crazy huh?

Sounds like you had a very good trip on the cruise and dad and the kids have been staying busy with stuff! So thats good!

If you send me my memory card for my camera I will send you the other one I have now of my new comp/ area/ everything! So whenever you want pics send that to me!

My spanish is getting better and I'm doing a very good job at keeping up on it! I speak it all the time and during comp study I do it all in spanish (my comp doesn't like it but I have to in order to keep up on it!) so yeah... hahaha not a whole lot is knew!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So turns out the mission goes all the way down into Kansas so right now i am in Derby Kansas! haha crazy huh?

I love being in the field though its tight. The area is a poorer, much more run down area, and is struggling big time! Our numbers for last week were 0 baptisms, 0 new investigators, and pretty much 0 for everything else. But that is gonna change with me and my companion! hahaha

I hate just sitting in the apartment, and just walking around trying to find something to do. Oh, also they don't schedule ANY return visits they just drop by. So that is changing. I'm really pushing my comp. He has been out for a little over a year and he is a quiet guy, but good. I feel like I'm the senior comp right now to be honest. I really run the show. He never wants to do much so I make sure we go out and see people. So far we already have a few lessons planned, one lady committed to church and stuff like that. The area is ready to be harvested the Elders just drop cut it down. BUT I'm changing that hahaha

The first day I got here (Friday night) I was with the AP's and we went around and taught some people. Its way weird teaching in English when I just spent 9 weeks teaching in all Spanish. During one lesson I forgot the word "Word of Wisdom" haha and just said the Spanish word for it so that was funny.

But yeah... Anyway, we knocked on a door, (2 people answered who were totally drunk) and were yelling at us, and I loved it haha so I kept letting them yell at us and then I was like "well let us come in, share a message with you and we will see what you think after" and they let us in!! hahah there was literally no way they were gonna let us in. But anyways, we taught them somethings, answered their questions and then set up a return appointment. Then afterwards the AP's were like "Wow Elder Perkins you are one bold Elder" haha so that's good. My comp even said that to me yesterday about how I don't care what anyone says, I just teach the message I feel like I need to say. So that was nice of them to say.

OH! So we found one lady yesterday (my comp didn't want to go out, but I convinced him we had to) and we knocked on a door of a lady (who the Elders before could never get a hold of) and surprisingly she answered the door and we started talking with her and she let us in, and she talked with us for about 45 minutes and really opened up and told us all these things she has been through. Then (since my comp doesn't ever talk and is shy) I just started teaching her and he joined in and we got her number (which she wouldn't give anyone before) a return appointment and she committed to come to church so we go see her tomorrow.

Its crazy how if your willing to work, people will listen. So that's what has been going on here!

My address is:
3951 South Ellis #4
Wichita Kansas

Sounds like y'all have been busy with the road show, with your party trips, with Conners foot and all that other crazy stuff that's been happening! But good, staying busy is always good!

I'm not sure if I'm going to go get another suit. I'll probably just run this one dead until I leave then get a new one once I get there. So that's the plan for that. The members are great here. We have dinner with them every night so that's great! I love being out of the MTC and doing what I want and working with real people!

Anyways... My comp is English speaking so I get an extra hour each day for language study so hopefully I won't lose it! The Zone leaders here are Spanish speaking so they said I'll go on splits with them lots to work on Spanish so that's good.

But all is well in ZION! and this time I can actually say I'm really in Zion ;) hahahah well in the mission that Has Zion in it!

Friday, February 17, 2012

New Assignment in America

from Mom:

Quinton emailed and then was able to call home on Thursday!

He sounds so good...and very happy! I just love that boy!!

Anyway, with a change in consulates the missionaries going to Argentina have not received their visas. There was a change in consulates and they only come to the MTC every 6 weeks to sign paperwork. They came on Monday, I think, so the Elders could sign paperwork.

SO, the Elders in Quintons district were given a new temporary call to different places in the US for the next 6-8 weeks while waiting on their visas.

Quinton and one other Elder were assigned to Independence Missouri for two months.

He was in very good spirits about it and I reminded him to pray about this call and know he is needed there for a short time!

His call last night was a short 5-6 minutes and then he was able to call from the airport this morning. He flew to Missouri this morning.

He was very excited to leave the MTC and get to work. He said it was great but he was just ready to leave. It has been 8 weeks!!

He is going to be a great missionary, I am so thankful he is so happy!!


I'm so happy!

hey hey hey!

So this week was rough! Ill start with all the loads of Bad news that happened!

First, we didn't get our VISA,,, so today or tomorrow I get a new mission call and I'll get reassigned somewhere in America for 1-2 months and then ill be shipped down to Argentina. So that will kinda be good.

Lots of other stuff happened that I had to deal with that I wont go into but ya... crazy week! I had 3 different talkings with 3 different teachers (Like pretty high up there teachers not just average ones) about how everyone in the district respects and looks up to me and they told me all these problems everyone is having and its now my job to fix them! YAY! ha ha but that's okay because It keep my day fun lol So that's always fun to do i guess.

Anyways... So today or tomorrow I should get "new" travel plans and a new destination for the first 2 months in the field. So that will be fun. I just mailed a letter home with some stuff so be looking for that. It has my camera card!

:) By the way... I'm all out of Mountain Dew, Please send more! NO DIET! The regular stuff works great!

Everything fits good. I'm up 15.6 pounds from when I got here . But boy do I make it look good haha you'll see in pics.

All is wel!! l reply to your email later!


well Kellie looks good with her braces off! just make sure shes not kissing on a whole bunch of boys now ;)

So as you know from the email I sent dad this week has been very tough. i don't know why, but everyone turns to me to fix their problems. I get pulled out of class just about every day and have a sometimes short (10min) or long and hour meeting with the resource teachers (the people over our zone, all returned missionary's) about how whats the new issue and how I need to help solve it! ha its crazy!

And then with all the visa problems and then at lunch we got yelled at for being loud for a solid 30 minutes, our temple walk got canceled, in church we just got lectured for 2 hours. I mean everything that could of gone wrong did this week! But the funny thing is, is that it doesn't matter. I'm so happy (even though its been so hard) I love the work and I wouldn't do anything else other than this. Its great to know that no matter how hard things get or how sucky things are, the gospel makes it all better!

i love it!

Anyways, ill let you know when i get my next call somewhere in America!
Love ya!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Best Missionary Ever! (He's always been so Humble!)


No, I don't need a driving record no one has asked so I doubt ill need that but sure you can send it. I loved the package! It gave me lots to do and the yo-yo was my favorite haha its a hit at the CCM!

Nothing really new to report this week! I'm sending a package to you with some stuff. So be looking out for that.

But I'm up to 13 pounds at the CCM! Yeah buddy! But I make it look good you can bet that. :)
no I'm eating good food! I just get 3rds for every single meal I eat here haha but I make it work and the other problem is I just sit down in a class all day except for a 50 minutes gym period. So that's part of it. But I'm sure I'll loose it all when I get down to Argentina!

Saturday after we taught a lesson my teacher said "That is the best Law of Chasity Lesson I have ever had at the CCM before. Good Work." So... apparently I'm good at teaching the Law of Chasity hahaha and she cried during it because she felt the spirit so strong. I would say that i guess I'm the best missionary to ever come out of the CCM!! hahaha jk well maybe partly...

Seeing Tyler was great this week. He looked like he had lost a lot of weight and smaller, but he still looked good! So that was fun to see him. It was nice to get a lil boost during the week and it will help me survive the last 15 days I have here!

I really cant wait to go to Argentina!!!!! It will be great!

I lOVED Morgans pictures! I enjoy getting those of everyone and the family. She is Getting OLD!!! But yeah... Ill email y'all later. I have to go take my wonderful P-Day Nap and do laundry! haha Love ya!

Oh! Did you get to see my little Spanish clip I recorded for Tyler? I didn't really know what y'all wanted to hear so I started teaching the 1st lesson and then realized y'all don't care about that and stopped... DearElder.com me what you thought about that! See if Dad remembers any Spanish!

anyways.... only 2 weeks left! woot woot! I don't know what CCM means... you'll have to google that one. The Super Bowl info was great! haha I'm very glad the Giants won! That brings a smile to my face!

love ya fam! Good work on the blog!

Elder Quinton

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Our Boy...Elder Quinton Taylor Perkins

11 pounds!

Hola mama y papa y familia!

I know I'm getting to be a fatty now haha! 11 pounds is what I've gained and I'm starting to see in haha but its good.

For gym time I play basketball all hour. There are probably 70 kids who want to play, only about 40 can play at a time so you learn to not miss your free throws haha last week I only missed one. So I play every game but lots of kids sit out lots because they can't make free throws haha so tell Conner to work on them. they are important!

Oh and my Spanish scriptures got stolen, not my nice triple comb. So I need you to send me a new one of those. Just the black leather bound ones. Spanish doesn't have triple combs so I just need the BOM triple (Doctrine and Covenants etc.). Yes, I still need a spanish hymnol. That is much need!

Yes, my testimony has grown a lot so its cool to learn new things every day! I thought I knew a lot about the gospel but when I got here I realized I knew nothing so its nice to learn lots daily!

No wonder everyone says your mission flys by because it really does!

Yes, get Tyler to call asap. It would be fun to get with him.

Nothing new to report. The Spanish is coming good. I feel like I can teach most lessons in Spanish and get my point across, so that's good. We are starting to only speak Spanish all day every day so that's been fun. Very tough because you realize you don't know lots of words but its good practice!

I just got back from the temple and once again loved it! Its way cool to see how every time you go the feeling you get never gets old! I LOVE GOING TO THE TEMPLE!

I get to do laundry soon around 3 so ill probably shoot you a quick note then. I know I keep saying ill send a letter home (i really will today). It will have my camera card in it, my area planner book thing so you can see what I do everyday and stuff like that. So enjoy and look for that. Save all the area book planners I send you. They will be neat to go back and look at.

Only 22 more days till I leave to Argentina so that will be wonderful! I cant wait! The CCM is becoming very boring but its funny because Ive been here 6 weeks but it feels like 2! Honestly! So I cant imagine how fast time will fly when I'm in the field!
Much love,

Elder Perkins!

Simply put...

good! do work

One Month

All is well here in the CCM! There really is nothing new to report really. My suit is a piece of junk haha so i will need to buy a new one of those when i get down to Argentina and if you could maybe send me another pair of pants so i can have another. that would be much needed! But there isn't anything to report.

Spanish is tough, but it's coming. I've officially been on my mission for a month! BOY OH BOY does time fly!

But ya.... i have nothing else to say! I hope all is well with you guys! The CCM is boring. My district has 8 boys in it. Ill email later today so reply with any questions you have!

Please send any color pants, not just plain black or something. Maybe stripped or something I don't care I just need another pair. I'm like 35x34ish so something around there would be great. Yeah my district isn't to much fun but me and Elder Young get along very well and have a good time. There are some other cool ones that I like so that's good. Yeah we didn't have a temple walk today because of the ice. Stupid huh!?! You would think missionary's can walk on ice but I guess not!

I look forward to seeing Tyler! ALSO! I found out that since we will miss each other by 4 years, and he is in Provo, if he calls the MTC he can set up a time to meet me during the day and the MTC will let us meet in the MTC. So tell him to do that!!!!! I could care less when I just do the same thing all day so have him do that. It would be fun.

The temple was great today as always! Have a list of questions for me next week and I'll answer them.

We are expected to leave for Argentina FEB 20th. That's the date they have given us that we will fly out on so that will be very exciting. The Spanish is coming.

Someone last week stole my Spanish scriptures from my class room haha I thought they would be safe since we are in the CCM but i guess not! so I had to get new ones which stink. But I got a sweet scripture case for them. They are Spanish lookin hahha ill send some home for you guys at some point! My shirt is just idk.... like it just doesn't look sharp anymore.

Nothing you can do to help, other than have money in my account so I can get a new one when I get to Argentina. On Mondays I go every morning at 830 am and do sealings.

Boy has the time flown!
Tell Morgan that the food here is good! I eat chicken, and hamburgers, and salad, and big qdoba burritos, and cookies, and drink orange Fanta for every meal! Its very good and its unlimited. That's why I'm up to a solid 11 pounds i have gained!! hahaha

But all is well,

Elder Perkins!


Well that was the best email yet hearing all about you guys and Tyler and the Broncos game! That's great!

My entire district had bets on the game so i stood in front of the district and read them the updates you send us. So that was very good.

Also I NEED BRADS AND KARENS ADDRESS!!!! DEAR ELDER IT TO ME! but the package was great it really enjoyed getting it. The Mountain Dew will be put to good use haha!

I have a temple walk every Sunday at the same time so Tyler could meet me at the temple (on the grounds we don't go in) on Sunday at 2:15. Probably 200 elders go at a time but that's my assigned time and we get to walk around for an hour so tell him to meet me there and ill look out for him! DEAR ELDER me if he will meet me there on like Friday or so. That would be fun to catch up with him.

But nothing is really new in the MTC. Patrick carver left today to Vegas so that was exciting to see him go. Ive taken about 50 pictures now so if you want I can send you home my card if you want the first 3 weeks of my mission on film...

The Spanish is coming along. I'm getting better but its still tough.

But that's okay because like mom always said:

"We can do Hard Things"

And its so true. And YES, the MTC just crams info into you. Its crazy. Never in my life have I been told so many things, and suppose to remember them all (In a different language). Ive also noticed like Kellie said that my spelling is getting worse and worse.... Its getting very bad hahaha I'm always putting in Spanish letters in English words and they make different sounds and its a big mess. Most of my writing in my study journal is like 50 percent in Spanish 40 percent in English and 10 percent in a mix of the two. haha its funny but oh well.


oh and to defend my typing, most of the time im typing on a spanish set up key board! So you have to cut me a little slack! Cool fact for yall i just thought of! This next week or next two weeks is the MTC 50 year anaversery, which means the big 3 (President Monson) and his two top men (i wont attempt to spell either) will be coming to theMTC and speaking to us so that will be lots of fun!

Also, its P-Day so we get to go do a temple session today so I'm excited for that! IT will be lots of fun to go with all the missionary's. Ill email again around 4ish or 2ish so ask any questions you wanna know.
Oh something cool to think that you can tell Conner its a good quote....

"Helamans army was the best of their time. They were strong, young, righteous and they couldn't be beat. The Lord used them to do his will. In our day (2012), the missionaries are that army. We are strong, young, righteous, and we can not be beat. No matter what Satan throws at us, we can not fail."

All is well!


Elder Perkins!

New Years Eve at the MTC

The work is moving along here at the MTC.

Good news for y all! I remembered the ipod password its 1532 so there is that.

In the package some Mountain Dew would be amazing! No cans, just the bottle ones, that's all i really need. The shirts and everything fit just fine. I don't like how the collar buttons down at all they are a pain, but oh well they will have to do. I could also use maybe another tie.

Nothing here is new, i stay busy with classes, language study and that's pretty much all i do everyday. Something cool we get to do it every Sunday night watch a movie. So last night we watched the Testament so that was very good. I find that as i learn Spanish I'm starting to think in Spanish, and my spelling is getting worse because I use Spanish sounds since I hear it 24/7 but oh well. Its probably good for me.

For new Years here at the MTC it was just like another day. We couldn't stay up till midnight which was a major bummer because we wanted to watch the Ball Drop on the TVs in our room. Haha jk there aren't TVs in our room.

Anyway, Monday is Pday and I love it. I took a good 2 hour nap, and boy was it well deserved. I get so tired and worn out mentally and physically so naps are always great.

Also I never realized how great singing hymns were. I love it!

This morning for P Day me and Elder Young (the one in my district I like a lot) Decided we were going to test the myth to see is the Orange Juice gives you the explosive poops. And it turned out they do so now we know not to drink the Orange Juice hahaha it was a bad experience.

Oh many people have been writing me about a blog so mother If you could start on that would be great. And then just post the link on my FB page.

Spanish is going good. I have memorized the First Vision and baptism commitment and today I get to teach a 30 minute lesson with an investigator.

But tell Tyler hello for me and I will have to meet him at the temple on or Sunday during are temple walk.

But all is well,

Elder Perkins

I Love Taking Naps

The ipod password I can not remember so that's a problem haha there should be a way if you take it into the store or plug it into the computer to erase everything restart it so look into that.

I liked looking at the pictures. Feel free to DEAR ELDER me lots so i get mail during the week because getting mail is the best and pass that word onto my men in the ward that I like and anyone else who asks. make sure you tell them me box number.

Sounds like y'all had a good Christmas!

I love P Day!! its probably the best day ever. Its so relaxing and chill and you get to take naps! I love taking naps. I never realized how great they are. We literally work like all day every day and we study the language so hard that I get headaches during class but that's okay because I know the Lord will bless me for it. That's the nice thing, knowing that no matter what, as long as I try hard (even if i fail) I will be blessed so that is comforting.

A cool quote President Bednar gave us when he spoke was that "When I ask converts to the church what they remember about the missionary discussions they don't remember anything! They only remember what they felt." So as long as I bring the spirit with me it will all be good.

I like my District a lot. We have a lot of fun together and we get along very well. Ive made good friends with two of them (you will see in the pictures when i send them home) you will know which they are. There good guys and fun to be with. MY companion is Elder Blackman.

Everyone in my district is going to Argentina on the same day that I am, so we will all fly out together which is nice. I love Monday's because that's when Elders fly out to the mission and they give all there snacks and food away! So I'm gathering a nice pile of food!

On Christmas night we have Brother Alan talk to us who is the MTC director and he spoke on how missions are hard and not easy. But totally worth it so that was very good.

The food is also great. I see Patrick a lot during free time and during meals so that fun! We get along well. We got to walk to the temple on Sunday (Christmas) so that was fun and G-pa goes to the temple at night, and we always go in the morning so oh well we wont meet up.

Anyway all is well here and the work is moving along.

We teach our 3rd lesson tomorrow to Arturo so that will be fun. Were going to teach him (in Spanish) about familias y evangelio y a few other things. I will end with a scripture. Alma 26:27. Its what Brother Alan shared to us and its great. Look it up and show the kids. I NEED Those address!!! Unlce BRADS AND KARENS, TAYLORS AT BYU, and yeah. DEAR ELDER THOSE TO ME NOW!!! SO that was i will get them Tuesday.

mucho gracis!

Elder Perkins!


Hola Familia!
Its Christmas so today there letting us all email home and what not so that's nice of them.

Christmas in the MTC you would think would be boring and bad, but actually it has been great!!! On Christmas eve we had a good Christmas program with lots of singing and a small skit so that was lots of fun to do. And then they gave us all a wonderful treat and let us watch ¨the movie a Christmas story so that was great! I hope you started a blog for me so people can follow me because I'm oh so important. hahaha just kidding.

But I love the MTC! everyone always says bad things about it, but i enjoy it so much! The spirit here is so strong and its great to be with so many other elders who are trying to do the right thing!
My espanol is coming along just fine. I'm putting it 100 percent on the Lord and doing everything I can to learn the language. I have taught two lessons with my companion already in Spanish and its great! The first lesson we tried to teach him about the gospel and it didn't work every well. Partly because we were so nervous and we weren't listening to the spirit. We were teaching him what WE thought he knew, rather than what the spirit was telling us to do.

So then the second lesson went much better. Half way through it I was testifying to him that i knew prayer was the way we can communicate with God, and then all of a sudden I started teaching him how to pray, and I was speaking muy bueno espanol and I could understand the investigator, and everything was just great! So i taught him how to pray, and then at the end of the lesson I asked if he would pray and he did and it was great! Everything was just great and the Spirit was so strong so that was good.

The first day I was here, it was crazy. Grandpa dropped me off at the MTC and right away I was being rushed all over the place picked up books and everything. Then about an hour later we were in class and started learning. We spend just about all day every day in class or at meetings and its great! The spirit is strong no matter what you are doing as long as you are following the rules.

I never realized how strong prayer was and that if we pray and ask for things the Lord will give them to us.
My Spanish is coming along good too. I can pray, testify, hold a conversation in Spanish, and its all well. OH! unlce brad and aunt Karen sent me a Christmas package which was great! But i couldn't find an address to write them a letter back, so if you could DEAR ELDER me there address ASAP that would be great so i can write them a letter.

Ill send another email home tomorrow on my real P DAY. But all is well here in the MTC. My expected departure date is February 20th which seems like so far away but I'm sure ill keep busy and it will go by fast.

Oh i forgot to mention that Elder Bednar spoke to all the elders today for our Christmas sacrament meeting so he spoke for about an hour and 10 minutes and that was great to hear him speak. He spoke on not looking inward, but focusing on others like the savior. It was great. Ill tell you more about it in my email tomorrow. All is well here, I love the MTC and the evangelió! Yo que evangelio es verdado! Yo amo JesuCristo! Yo que a traves la expacion nostros puedemos vivir con Dios.

Elder Perkins