Monday, May 28, 2012

The Power of the Priesthood

So once again the computer deleted my long email to you but I have some
time so here we go. Ill start typing fast. All is well here! That's
cool that all is well at home and Tyler sent me a note and it's good all
is well with him! 

Yes tell Conner to get on that project, its super
cool, and you jump up in respect when you can say you are an Eagle Scout.
Like for example the management at Lowes really liked the fact I was an
Eagle Scout and because of it they trusted me more than the other
employees who had worked there a lot longer than me. So its true,
people respect the eagle! haha 

I lost my camera charger I think its in
the states. SO if you want you could send me a new camera (I need a
new one anyways because the one I have is cheap and very picture I
take is blurry) so I'm gonna send it home you y'all can buy a new
charger for it and yall can use it.  Good luck.  SO a camera would be
good! BUT when you send anything expensive, put it like in a cereal box
and close the box and then put it in the package so when immigration
goes through it (they do a visual check) they wont steal it.  It's what
the other Elders do and when they don't there are issues. haha but
yeah... but all is well. 

The work is super good. The next week we are
gonna start having baptisms!!  WOOT!!!  This first half  of the transfer
is like a rebuilding stage and the end of this transfer and into next
we will be baptizing!  So thats super good!!! im excitied>!!!

ummm what else is new.  Lots of crazy stuff happen but everything just seems so
normal.   I had a snickers bar today.. cost me 5 pesos but wow!  SO
sooo good haha like a dream come true.  So that was great!  

I've learned you need to learn to baptism... like some missionaries can have perfect worthiness but you must learn to baptise.  By being bold, if you are bold you show a real love for the people cause that's how they change, is when you are bold. So
I'm super bold at times.  When I see kids smoking we contact them and
take there cigs hahaha super good. Normally they give them to me. Then
we just turn the corner and break them. So that's good. But when you are
bold people respect you and the Spirit testifies and then they do it
haha super cool. but yeah.... ummmm all is well though.

So last week I casted a demon out of a guy.  Never in my life have I had such an experience. So I'll explain it and you can put this on m blog its super cool. So we had a
very weird day all day like we have 5 lessons set up and they all fell
through.... they never do that. They were all super solid. So it was
weird.  Then, at 7 we got a call from the Zone Leaders that we had to go
give a less active member of the church a blessing of comfort.  So we
went (since we had nothing to do that was set) right then.  We got to
the house and just standing outside of it you could tell something was
super wrong, like the Spirit was flashing red flags like be careful.
We are out in the middle of the country just about so it was only
that house around. So we knocked and the man let us in and was acting
way weird. And his house was super dirty and felt bad. Just a super bad
feeling. Not a normal house or not just a bad house. Like a super
bad house. Not sure how to explain it.  So the man started telling us
all his problems and was acting way weird but he kept saying I need a
blessing to help me.  So we asked who he wanted to give the blessing
and he pointed very suddenly and sharp and all jumpy.  So I gave
him the blessing and during the blessing I don't even remember what I
said but you could feel like a peace come over the whole house during
the blessing and everything was good.  Then right when I said ¨amen´
it changed.  And this time it felt like there was literally something in
the house with us, not sure how to say it but I knew without a doubt
that we could no longer be in the house.  At that moment I knew there
were bad spirits in that house that either came out of the man (due to
the blessing) or some other way. And the man kept saying after the
blessing I feel much better. But the house was super bad now. So we
left super fast, walk 40 minutes home talking about it and when got
home and I realized I left the keys in his house.  So long story short,
we called the Bishop and he went with us back to get the keys but the
house had a much more peaceful feel and the Bishop later went back
with the ward and blessed the house after he heard about the story.
SUPER LOCO!!!  But way good experience and it shows the power of the

So yeah... i have to email pres, so if I have time I'll
write more.  But yeah... love ya!!


love yall!!!


Rice and Water!

May 21, 2012

So, I guess if you say a picture is worth a thousands words then you sent a good sized letter... ha just kidding but that's way cool that Kellie finally graduated I can remember that day and walking around the track with all the bros and yeah it was a good day. 

But the best is yet to come. College is where its at haha I loved college so that's exciting that Kellie will get to go to college soon. 

Tell Conner he´s got 2 more years unless he decides to do the same thing that Kellie is doing. That would be the smart thing.  Looks like I'll be the only kid to not graduate from school early ha I always was the special one.   :)   

Anyways.... everything down here in Argentina is well!  The work is going good.  I have a new comp now, Elder Koeven, from Utah.  Last week was a good one.  We found 10 new investigators, we had 12 baptism dates, taught lots of lessons, and all seems to be going well. The end of this transfer we should have 4 or 5 baptisms! Woot Woot! so pray for the people haha we will need it! 

Lets see, all is well though. Today is my 5 month mark in the Mission! cray huh?!? To think I've been gone for 5 months is wild.  But,  the time sure does go by quite fast and rapido!  

This week has been interesting!  I almost punched out a drunk guy haha funny story. So we were walking home and a guy runs up to me and says ¨I have a friend that wants to talk to you¨ so we went into a house with 6 or 7 drunk guys lol watching soccer. And this guy ( to make a long story short) gets up in my face and start yelling at my in Spanish.  And I don't understand the guy so I'm just saying ¨hola como anda?¨ haha which is just like hi how are you. And then I keep trying to talk and he starts getting all wild and boy it was intense haha then my comp grabbed me and started to pull me back cause as this point we were inches away and then we just turned and walked away and was shaking his fist at me haha pretty funny. 

What else happened this week, got chased by dogs again, but that always happens haha, ummm... yeah its just been another wild week.  OH! So my camera charger broke and I need a new one from the states so I can charge my camera to take pictures. So hopefully you know what type of camera I have.  If not I'll bring it to email next time and write the details about it.  But send it in a yellow envelope the big ones so it´ll get here faster.  With some candy of course ;) but yeah... all is well. 

Spanish is coming, I can talk good for 2 months and 2 weeks in Argentina. At least compared to the other missionaries I can and the natives say so that's good. Everyone always says ¨you don't seem like a new missionary¨ and I just say well thanks haha but that's nice of them to say. But maybe its just cause I like to do work, but yeah... anyway all is well.  

I don't have much to write. All 4 of my converts are doing very well. That's always good to hear.  Granted its only been a few months but they are all doing super well so that's exciting! ha so that's good. Hopefully I can get more this transfer! woot woot! 

I have 60 pesos to last me the rest of the month.. Looks like I'll be eating rice and water haha cause I don't wanna take out personal money! Yay rice :) its only 10 days or so, so it shouldn't be to bad... haha lets see... yeah that's about it.  I'm off to write president so if I have time I'll write another one.  Sorry this email is boring!

Elder Perkins

So I have a few minutes, lets see.  Shout out time to all my blog members that are following me,..... ¨I love you all¨  HAHA
How's everything at home? Hopefully its all good. The kids should be getting out of school now for the summer. I know this because Here its getting collldddd! BURRRR! haha and we have just begun the fun... tracting in the cold, the dark, the rain, and all that good stuff :) haha so that's fun. 

I love the people here. They are the best. They always invite you in the house to drink mate with them (a drink) and watch soccer. To bad we cant do either,,,, but yeah there the best haha I love it here!

Send that package mom! love ya fam!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Video Clip from Mothers Day Skype Call

A New Companion and a Sleepless Night

Well, I just talked to you yesterday so I'm not sure what to write in this email but I suppose that I´ll type one out to y'all anyways haha it was very good to hear and see all of y'all.  Y'all look good too!  HA still all look the same, but that's not a bad thing ;) 

But as you already know life here in Argentina is good. I have a new comp named Elder Koebin or some weird spelling haha but he seems good. We picked him up yesterday so I'll be with him this transfer in the same area. So that will be fun. Change is always good, but I liked having Elder Washburn as a comp. 

Yes it was very good that you guys were still on and Elder Washburns family and y'all could talk so he could get to talk to them yesterday. 

The Loza family is great I like them alot!  They loved talking to y'all and meeting y'all and they told me they want to call and talk to you and Morgan again haha the mom (Hermana Loza) and the daughter can both speak pretty good English so y'all can enjoy that haha I told them Morgan will enjoying calling them a lot haha but yeah.... hmmmm what else. 

Yesterday I was up all night with the Zone leader going back and forth from the house to the terminal ha because the zone leaders have to take everyone to the terminal and stuff and his comp had left, and mine so we were comps so that made for a really really long night. And we already don't get that much sleep so losing more sleep has been wild today! haha and today we haven't had anytime to sleep so that was a bummer.  We were to busy cleaning, writing letters, eating, buying stuff, and yeah.. so yeah very busy last 2 days. 

I'm off to email president so if I have left over time I'll shoot y'all another email!
Love ya!
Elder Perkins!

Lets see I have a few more minutes.... what do you want to know? I don't know what I can ask you haha 

OH!   The housing, no the houses here is very different.  Tiny ruin down houses. They all are just cement walls, tin roofs, with a stove and table and beds. Everything is very run down and bad in my area. But the Loza live in the one nice part of the area. There house is very nice compared to the others and its more like an actual house in America. 
ummm..... yeah all is well 


Monday, May 7, 2012


Well,  we have a problem.... so my computer shut down and I lost the
whole email I sent to you.... so I have a few mintues till 6 so here's
the important stuff.  

I love the bball highlights keep them coming.  All is well.  Work is very good.
For mothers day, still not sure on a time that we are going to skype you.
But it will be around 7pm my time.  During the week I'll try to email
you when we have an exact time.  If not be on around 7pm my time.
Search C L (lives in Argentina, La Pampa, Santa Rosa and she has a picture of
her. About 22 and black hair.)
She can speak English so during the week when you add her do a test
call and just skype her and she will make sure all the kinks are worked out. 

SO add her today!)

Also, everything is well Im loving it here. Sorry about the computer.
But I get to email for free now so that's a bonus! ha not really sorry.
No, I haven't used any personal money yet.  

All is well with me! 

Love you!

Okay, I have 7 minutes left so I'll try to type as fast as I can. 
All is well here. I love it! 
My spanish is coming good but I'll be able to talk to you in Spanish when you call on Skype this week. 

Thats way cool all the kids are out of school soon. That's super sad about the
xxx family, they are a super good family and yeah... way sad. Try to help
them out if you can!  

All day I spend helping people who have ruined their lives by cheating, drugs, sex, beer, and all the things you can possibly think of.  Its very rewarding helping people. 

Few funny things:
1) I spilt boiling water on my foot ( I just am used to it haha)
2) We recorded a super funny video I'll send to you next week with the
baptism pictures
3) Kids tried to force us in there car and drink with them haha super
funny but they stopped when I offered them Jesus cards and such haha
4) We are planning a super party for 2 wards for investigators and
members and its gonne be sweet!
5) I'm in ARGENTINA! WOOT WOOT! haha

But yeah all is well. 

Make sure you add the girl on Skype I'm excited to talk to yall.
It will be fun. But all is well. We had a very very good week.  We found lots of new investigators (9) and taught about 22 lessons and yeah lots of other good numbers. 

All is well.  I'll get a new comp next week so thats exciting! I wonder who it will be!! haha

Anyways, love y'all!

Elder Perkins!


Well, that looks like y'all have a fun weekend! but next time 5 or 6 pictures will do just fine haha no need to send 30. But anyways, that's very good, I'm glad they finally got married. I mean, I did call the whole thing from before they were even dating but hey... I'm not one to brag. haha 

All is well here in Argentina.  

No, I don't use that liner, much to hot, but I'm sure when it gets colder I'll use it. Hopefully you've sent me that package with goodies! ha anyways, no, Argentina is good here. Spanish is going good, and yeah. 

This past Saturday we had the baptism of BIBIANA!!! YAY!!! that's how its spelt but in English  its Viviana but it's the same way to say it out loud in Spanish. So that was super good!!!!  Yes, all 3 of her daughters went to the baptism so this week were attacking and hopefully we can start to teach them the lessons. 

The work is starting to build. We are increasing our teaching pool and doing some good work. We have been using a few new tactics to talk to people and they are  working.   Every time we talk to someone we teach only the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith.  That way its quick, keeps their interest, and its been working so were sticking to it! haha   Another fun thing is like half our contacts we ¨contact to baptize¨ lol so like for an example, we are walking down the street and we start talking to a lady and refer everything to baptism and then once we have a return visit at their house we extend the baptism commitment right there haha its super good! 

Yesterday we sacked 3 dates of baptism with people. It's a very good way to weed out the ones who aren't ready. So we have high hopes for this week! Yes the torta fritas are suppppper good!  I love them! haha and we just cook lots of stuff like pastas, and uhhhh other Argentine food.  Nothing to crazy but it's good still. 

But back to the baptism it was very good and I loved it!  It's cool to feel the Spirit. SUPA! 

Yeah, 2 weeks ago we had interviews so that was good. And since I live with the zone leaders we spent a few hours with him (Mission President) also. So yeah we have chatted haha he doesn't speak English but its cool.  Its weird, like I'll be talking with latins or the people of Argentina and then in my mind think ¨wow this is weird haha I cant speak spanish¨ and somehow I can lol SUPA!
Recently it has been super cold haha like rain and just cold! Although today and yesterday its been sunny which has been nice to work in. But you can for sure tell that the Winter is here in Argentina! ha so that's good. 

Lets see what else has happened.  Yesterday I played in church again that piano so that was good, I don't like doing it very much but I put on my happy face and do it haha that's what a lot of people tell me here. That I'm always happy and smiling lol but you know, when you are confused, don't understand, and its really awkward, all you know how to do is smile :) hahahahaha 

Yesterday we helped a less active out.  He's struggling big time.  He has everything set up to hang himself, super sad but we worked with him for a while yesterday and slowly but surely we were changing his mind. So he's a special project. Tonight were going to drop some cane on a few investigators haha because there not progressing.  Tyler can fill you in about that, its not fun, but it needs to be done lots.
But yeah, the work here is all good.  I got a super sweet soccer jersey and it was free! woot woot!  

Lets see what else would you guys like to know... I probably leave a lot of stuff out like small details but to me it's just everyday life now ha so sorry. hmmm.... not sure. I'm gonna go email president and then if I think of more, I will send another quick one! CHOW!
Elder Perkins
P.S. for Janine, your Spanish is flawless and wonderful, I wouldn't change a thing! haha glad to hear all is well with you.  Maybe one day I'll get a letter together send it to you.  Or better yet, you send me one with your address? Yeah? I like that idea mucho meyor! (much better ;) )
Oh and for skyping you next week, not sure the day or when its gonna go down, but next week in the email I'll narrow down a specific time when I will call you and let you know. CHOW!

So I thought of some other things, this week me and my comp went to a small town about an hour away called Anguil and boy it was sad.   I mean it looks like a war went through the town and now people live in the ruines of it with sticks and tarps, and a few cement walls.  Super sad, but it was good. We went there to help the elders out in that area (it's a new area). So that was fun this week.

I like being with other missionarys it's like a brother hood that only RM´s and Missionaries would understand haha

Kellie looks very good in her pictures, very cute pictures. 

Conner can drive?!? wow there pony.... tell that chicken little rat biscut to hold his horses haha but jk thats super cool. He can drive my thug car any day he wants. As long as he is nice to MY explorer that I FOUND and I BOUGHT! haha anyways... thats all. 

Tell grandma and grandpa I love them too!