Monday, March 26, 2012

You don't realize how great things are...

Since I'm 2 weeks, I can tell I have a lot of work ahead of me but that doesn't really matter. because all I want to do is help people. The cost or how much work I have to do just doesn't matter. In the past it has, but now, idk its weird. I know we walk many miles a day, in burning heat, and my feet hurt, and my burnt foot hurts real bad some days, and the language has a LOT of work and things I need to work at, but it doesn't matter. Its all worth it when we find the people who are ready. The people who are ready to change there lives and grow closer to Christ. 

On pdays we just do laundry which takes a while (we have a very poor mans washer and no dryer) which makes it fun lol and we hacer compras (buy groceries) we take naps, write letters, hang out at home and relax. and yeah... that's pday for yeah. 

Something funny that's happened is people here don't have modesty haha like 3 times already in the middle of lessons a lady just starts nursing her baby hhahahaha way awkward and weird!! But we have to still look at her or its even more awkward when we just stare at her husband so we just focus very hard on her face lol and its common for people to answer the door 95 percent naked and yeah haha so it makes contacting and lessons exciting lol people always call us ¨Los Estudios Unidos¨ or how ever you spell it which just means United States, and yeah. The ward members are good.  Not sure what other stories you wanna know.

The answers to dad questions:
No, the zone leaders are from Mexico and America so only one was a native speaker. 

Breakfast we just eat cereal. Some nasty stuff but we put coco in it and it makes it better! yumm :) 
We eat with the same members every week on Sunday, Thursday, Tuesday, and Saturday! They stuff you full. Never in my life have I ate so much. Like its crazy. They don't accept that you've had 2 MASSIVE plates of food and your full. They don't care, they just don't ask and pile more food on and you have to eat it, so I've learned how to say ¨no thanks I'm full¨ very fast lol 

we walk everywhere!!!! haha I dream of bikes and cars and the water is okay to drink in my house. But in some areas you cant drink it. No I'm not losing weight, or its just turning into muscle ;) ha our ward has 50 or 60 people. I get to play the piano every sacrament meeting so that's good I suppose. We teach a lot during the week. Not sure how much. But a good number.  We spend our days studying till 12, lñunch till 1, working till 9 then we plan and sleep and we only take our service to one ward and no, I haven't gotten sick so that's a plus! ha 

Yes, I know that AP elder.  He's very good, didn't get to talk with him long but we´ve spent our time together, he is a good elder. But no, all sounds very good there. I'm sure its been fun hanging out with Tyler and all the cousins. Tell Krista I still expect a wedding invite ha no I don't need anything. P.S. I still haven't got your pouch mail if you've sent it. If not, no worries.

Also, I enjoyed dads story that was very good. Its the truth, God does work through us. 

No, all is well here with me. The best thing that's happened is that we had a baptism on Saturday!! WOOT WOOT! We have been working with a 9 year old girl and we got her in the water so that was great!   I loved it.  Also, we have been working with a couple, Martin and Antonilla and they both have baptism dates and a day to get married first. No one here is married. They just live together. They don't see a point in marriage its very frustrating.   The worst thing that has happened... hmm good question. Nothing bad happens to us. Well, I take that back haha but nothing that matters. 

Spanish is LOCO!!! haha actually people say I speak good and can understand very good for only 2 weeks in Argentina and my mission president told me in 3 months I would be very well off, which was nice to hear. He also said I spoke well. Its very frustrating at times that I can't understand or stuff but I don't care lol I love it here! 

I just smile a lot and it seems to work haha so that's good. 

The food here is way good!  I miss American food but the food here is great they have a weird eating schedule! The eat lunch (which is our dinner) so its a huge meal at like 1 to 2 then sleep (Called the siesta) from 2 to 5 (its the worst thing in the world because no one answers the door or will talk to us. It's not good for missionary work) and then they go back to work/play/school till like 10 then eat a small dinner (like our lunch) at like 10 at night! So we only eat lunch with members. 

Also a big difference is the little things. Like no water fountains at church or anywhere!!!! I hate it lol I miss being able to drink cold water at church or around town. You don't realize how great things are till there gone and other things. 

But no, Argentina is great and I like it a lot! 

Much love


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

When In Argentina...

No, I didn't stay at the mission home and I haven't meet the president yet lol but I will Wednesday because we have zone conference ha when I got here he was off on a trip doing something or something so idk.

Its a good 50/50 split with natives and Americans so that's fun. Yes, my comp is an American and I like him. We get along well. 

Tell mom I didn't serve with that elder, sorry. The only elder did but I know of her son. I ate lunch with him the first day there.

Argentina... wow, its crazy!   But that's good that yall got to do a fun trip in Denver recently. But yeah Argentina is great. 

We have a good size teaching pool that were working with. A big problem here is people don't get married.  They just live together so not only do we have to get them baptised we also have to get them married which is a whole different ball game to play ha but its fun. 

Living conditions are very different here. I live in probably one of the nicer houses in the area, but compared to America it would be looked at as a poorererer house. 

Next week I'll upload and send pictures on the computer of the area and the house. 

But my Spanish is getting better. I mean I cant speak very good at all ha but i can get my point across and the natives are way cool people.  They are always so nice and help me, its funny.

umm... what else to tell you. We have a baptism this Saturday so that's exciting!

My address is this so post this on my thing....
Elder Quinton Perkins
Misión Argentina Bahía Blanca
(8000) Bahía Blanca
Buenos Aires
ummm lets see what else... Oh they do a thing here call a besa where the girls like kiss you on the cheek haha that was way weird the first time it happened cause I didn't know what to do! haha but most members know we cant do it we can only shake hands so members don't do it much but nonmembers or contacts do it haha and yeah its different.   It's weird when like girls in there 20´s or teens do it though. but oh well when in Argentina do as they do. But i try to stick out my hand first so they cant do it.  

i like it here! The work is going so yeah that's good. All is well love y'all!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Santa Rosa Argentina

Click here for the Santa Rosa Argentina Website

So I forgot to bring my address to give to you but all mail we get goes to the mission home.  So.... if you know that address(possibly in my mission book) put it up on stuff. 

Argentina wow.. .haha boy it is very crazy here. Dogs everywhere! I cant believe it haha but they don't bother anyone so that's good. I wouldn't want to kill a dog!  

I got bit by something while I was sleeping and my hand is like 3 times the size, kinda cool but weird.   So lets hope it goes away fast!  

The people drive here like.... I don't even know what but its an experience haha they just hit the gas, and honk.  And I mean, wow, I don't even know how to explain it.  The lines on the road, stop signs, signs, or anything else doesn't matter. All that matters is what the driver decides he wants to do haha crazy cray crazy!  But I love it. 

We don't have much time today, we have stuff to do but I like it here lots! I will give more details next time. 

But my comp is Elder Washburn and I like him a lot! I don't understand anything, and I had to give a talk in church my first Sunday here, way crazy!! 

But the people are so sweet!  Like I've never seen anything like it. They are an amazing group of people. So nice and kind and I love them!  anyways... 

OH! and they eat weird here.  So thats different.  Like different times of the day! 
I have to email President so I'll write more next week. 

Love you all, try to put my address on the blog or Facebook but probably both if you have it. If not ill give it to you next week.

Elder Perkins!

Okay so a tad more... ummm my Spanish is not very good haha I mean I can talk and all but its very tough to understand

Tell everyone I said hi. 

I went to a ward members house and they fed us spaghetti and wow it destroys all American stuff haha sooo goood. I love the food here its way good. And no tomatoes so far!! woot woot! 

Well,  lets hope I don't swell up and die from it haha but I love Argentina! we had to wash our clothes here and we have these neat little washer machines and yeah way weird. And we have no dryer and it just like shakes the water out of the clothes but its fun!

I like speaking Spanish it's very fun.  I cant do it very well but everyone tells me I can speak good. The problem isnt speaking cause I can spit out enough so they understand me, the problem is understanding!   haha 
When I listen to people talk that are natives I understand nothing haha its bad. But its fun.  Its like a game to see if I can understand.  So yeah. Very interesting! But yeah I like it here lots!!! All is well in Zion. 

I live in a nice house, your gonna have to combined all these emails together, but my house is nice. Its so hot!  I literally sweat 24/7!!!   It's crazy!   Like I'm always sticky and yeah it's gross!    But its sooo hot!   so that's also fun to deal with  but its better than cold!   I love it here!!!

ha oh mom, we have no money for fans... but good thought! And no`plugs near our bed for the fan lol 

of course it was all Spanish!!! the people here don't know English lol your funny. And testimony/my choice, it was fun! 

No, my comp is the District leader and we live with the zone leaders. So I learn lots and they teach me and we all get along very well so that's good. No I can't say an English word when I don't know the word in Spanish. Then I look dumb and the people don't like it.  So no, I just try to talk around it, or make up a word hahaha my comp is way cool though.   We are doing good work here. 

(I then asked him, what city in Argentina he was sent to...)
Santa Rosa, it's a cool area. Very neat place!

Elder Perkins

He's there!

Hello family Perkins, I am just e mailing you to let you know that your son is safe, and in his 1st area.  He will e mail you Monday and tell you more, but he is safe, and happy.


Élder Mikesell
Misión Argentina Bahía Blanca

Sunday, March 11, 2012

VISA came through! On my way to Argentina


its bitter sweet because i don't want to leave the people here but that's okay.

I'm flying out of Missouri Friday morning, so today at 4 (Wednesday) I'm driving up there and will stay with President for the last day till I fly out. SO ITS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU POST MY ADDRESS FOR ARGENTINA ON FB AND MY BLOG! I'm telling everyone to look for it today that way they can send stuff there rather than to me here.   So here's some things
1. My address for the mission home should be in the book that came with my mission call. If not there look it up or call the MTC and they can give it to you and post that on FB and my blog today please!!
2. I'm giving my comp some stamps and an envelope so that way any mail that comes to me after I'm gone he can mail it home to you, and then you can take it and forward it to me. so be looking for that!
Love you very much, thanks for all that you do! 

And ill be calling you Friday morning from the airport, and possibly tomorrow night if President lets me or something. 

Love you!
Don't forget about the address! 


Monday, March 5, 2012

Don't Worry Quinton...I've Got Your Back!

So this week was a good week.

The two people we have on date are doing very good. So I'm very excited for that! The area is slowly starting to pick up. We have really been pushing to get more people to teach and we think we have a good game plan for this week. However, my comp and I are leading the zone, number wise so that's good. Before I got here we were dead last in the zone so that's good. People notice us, also that means the members are starting to trust us more and hopefully that means referrals! Missionary work is soooo hard without those. So family, give the ELDERS IN OUR WARD SOME NAMES!!!

Funny story! You know how ever Elder has a funny pooping themselves story? Yup, well I had mine! hahahah here we go: (And no this is not at all an stretch of what happened. It was the worst possible thing ever. )

(Quintons Mom has deleted the story!! : )
Needless to say it is hilarious and totally embarrassing! I will let him retell it when he gets home! He likes to gross me out!!)

So that was my crazy story this week. Anyways other than that, yes, I got the letter you sent me today. So that was very good!

But all is well here. No news on the Visa or anything but the members feed us good. So that's nice. And of course I'm very thankful for it because when we don't have a dinner its the worst thing ever!

OH!!! Can you send me a band that says "CTR" on it? The 11 year old boy loves wearing those so I figure for his baptism I would give him a CTR one so try to send me one of those before the 17th!

Anyways... I liked getting the notes from Conner, money and Kellie and Morgan and Tyler those were good! Sounds like all is well at home.

Keep doing whats right, and be good.

Something I've found on my mission is that the Gospel really does bring true happiness.

Like sitting in church I've never really felt the Spirit until I got in the field. I thought people were crazy when they said they can feel it during church. But it's because I wasn't trying to listen or feel it.

If you seek it out you will find it! Literally ALL of sacrament meeting I sit there and pray and pray and pray for my investigators that are there that they will feel the Spirit and be touched.

And that's when I feel the spirit the most comforting me saying "Don't worry Quinton, I'm the Holy Ghost bro, I've got your back on this one".
Well, not in those words haha but same concept.


Love you all!

aka Elder Perkins