Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Years Eve at the MTC

The work is moving along here at the MTC.

Good news for y all! I remembered the ipod password its 1532 so there is that.

In the package some Mountain Dew would be amazing! No cans, just the bottle ones, that's all i really need. The shirts and everything fit just fine. I don't like how the collar buttons down at all they are a pain, but oh well they will have to do. I could also use maybe another tie.

Nothing here is new, i stay busy with classes, language study and that's pretty much all i do everyday. Something cool we get to do it every Sunday night watch a movie. So last night we watched the Testament so that was very good. I find that as i learn Spanish I'm starting to think in Spanish, and my spelling is getting worse because I use Spanish sounds since I hear it 24/7 but oh well. Its probably good for me.

For new Years here at the MTC it was just like another day. We couldn't stay up till midnight which was a major bummer because we wanted to watch the Ball Drop on the TVs in our room. Haha jk there aren't TVs in our room.

Anyway, Monday is Pday and I love it. I took a good 2 hour nap, and boy was it well deserved. I get so tired and worn out mentally and physically so naps are always great.

Also I never realized how great singing hymns were. I love it!

This morning for P Day me and Elder Young (the one in my district I like a lot) Decided we were going to test the myth to see is the Orange Juice gives you the explosive poops. And it turned out they do so now we know not to drink the Orange Juice hahaha it was a bad experience.

Oh many people have been writing me about a blog so mother If you could start on that would be great. And then just post the link on my FB page.

Spanish is going good. I have memorized the First Vision and baptism commitment and today I get to teach a 30 minute lesson with an investigator.

But tell Tyler hello for me and I will have to meet him at the temple on or Sunday during are temple walk.

But all is well,

Elder Perkins

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