Wednesday, August 1, 2012


So, last week was week 5 of the transfer so we will get transfers this Friday in the morning, so next Monday I'll either email you from Santa Rosa or a different area. Odds are that I'll be out of here but who knows? 

Right now I feel like I'm gonna throw up so we will see how this email goes.  (I just went to Gridos ice cream place and ate wayyyy to much and drank lots of water that was probably unfiltered and tasted horrible!)  

But anyway.... this week was good. Boy do I have some good stories hahah so here we go! 

Overall in the week we found lots of new investigators, a total of 16, and we found a family of 7 that's super cool!   We had a super good lesson with them and by the end of it they were all saying ¨I want to get baptised again with you Elder Perkins¨ haha There is a mom and a friend and then 5 kids. They weren't able to come to church cause the mom´s mom was in the hospital and they went to check on her... but they are super solid as of right now so I'm excited for that!   

SO something else very good happened. I´ll call it a miracle of studies!  So, for my whole mission I've done a super good job at showing people why they need to be baptised again because our church is true and such but I've always felt like something was missing.  So Tuesday morning I made a goal to find the missing part in lesson 1 (the restoration of the gospel and Apostasy).   So I started studying hard and I FOUND IT!!!   I realized I don't talk enough about the Atonement of Christ and about how without it we couldn't do anything or receive forgiveness of our sins.   SO I made it a goal to teach in each lesson about the Atonement a lot and really focus on it, and by doing that this week the investigators have just changed.   They now understand things a lot better and you can see a change in them and their wanting to read in the Book of Mormon more and pray more and go to church.   So that was the best haha 

So about the baptism of G (and yes thats how you spell her name.)  Anyway, we had the goal set for her to be baptized the 4th of August, WOOT WOOT!!   I was soooo happy!   It is the best.  So she is getting baptised this Saturday so that's super exciting. 

Yes I got my birthday package and the 6 of us in the house had a pretty good dart war with those guns ha so thanks for that and I like the 2 ties a lot. 

I'm almost finished with the Book of Mormon in Spanish for the first time and I just started reading the New Testament so that's really fun.   I like the Bible a lot. 

And theres nothing special about the name Perkins, the people just love it for some reason and find it really fun to say. And all the kids can remember it, and for those few reasons they love it. Its funny. 

And yes I was able to talk to the mission president ha what type of queston was that? lol I have been speaking spanish for the past 5 months. haha But yes i can talk with any person down here, and have a perfectly normal conversation with them. Not that i wanna brag but my spanish is pretty dang good. I study the language super hard each day. Another miracle of studying cause if you look at other missionaries with more time than me I can speak better than them just cause they don't study it.   So spanish is very good! 

Hmm... lets see, so much happens and when Monday hits I don't remember. But I write in my journal every day so you can look forward to that.   And I write lots! haha 

Basically we do lots of things here that are super super different from the states but I never remember them.  Like we take taxis everywhere!   I had rarely drove in a taxi before coming here but we take them all over the place.   

And yes the Olympics here are big.   Every house we go into, is watching them so that's super fun to get updates on that.   

But good, I'm glad all is well down there. The truth is the mission is the best thing in the world. I never realized how wonderful it would be till I got here.  I mean don't get me wrong, every day I return home 100 percent exhausted, 100 percent drained spiritually, I'm hunrgy, it's flipping hot (it does not feel like winter at ALL!), people here always are yelling at us, and doing stupid things to us, lots of people don't like us, but the joy of finding someone who is ready for the gospel, or baptizing, or teaching someone about Christ, or having all the kids run up to you and getting to hand out little candies to them, and stuff makes all the bad things not important. Its amazing. The gospel really is the sweetest fruit in the world! 

but yeah... lots more has happened this past week I just can't think cause I wanna throw up ha ill send more pictures next week.  

The weather down here has been super warm lately. I love it cause i am not a fan of the cold.

It's weird to think that I'm going to be 20 years old in 21 days. And I figured that since I got my package super early, there is time for yall to send me another one for my birthday again :)   Fill it with lots of goodies. OH!   Something I could use in the next package is socks (because I'm burning through them), more face stuff, sweets, and maybe one or 2 pairs of slacks. My favorite ones I have are those dark gray ones that I have.   I'll give you more details about the waist and detail next time, unless you already know it.  It's like 34 by 34 I believe.   So next one you send me get like 2 pair of gray ones in it.   Different gray ones clearly but I like the dark gray.   My suit is on it's last breath ha due to washing the pants through the washer in Kansas that really destroyed them and wearing them every day in kansas for a month so some time next transfer I might go new suit shopping.

But yeah other than that, life is great.   I'm really loving it here, and time is flying.   I wish time would just stop and I  could do this for longer.   The weeks are flying.   I can not believe that i have been in the mission for over 7 months now. Thats crazy!!! And now its August... wow, where has the time gone. Just goes to show, the importance of not wasting one day.   The mission is really the best thing in the world.   The church is so true. There is just no way it can't be. 

God really does live and does love us. 

I'm lucky cause I get to show people every day that God loves them and I get to see a portion of their joy.   

I LOVE ARGENTINA!!!   I love testifying with the Bible, testifying of Christ, dropping cane on people, and changing lives.   What can I say.... it's just what a missionary does.  =)

and yes that last sentence, you can quote me on it ;) 

If you wanna know something question me! 

Be good, Much Love
Elder Perkins

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 23 The Mission Is The Best Thing In The World!

Well, here we are again... looking back every week goes so fast ha but
last week was a very tough week but who would want it any other way?

Last week we had the lowest numbers I've had since being here in
Argentina.  We only found 6 new investagtors, only taught 6 lessons,
and lots of other bad numbers but it all worked out good. I'll explain

Tuesday we had zone conference with the new President of the mission.
President ParreÑo and he is legit!!   I'm a very big fan.  He is from
Spain and super cool. And his wife is way fun and they are super excited
for the work and bring a lot of new good ideas.  So we had a super good
conference with him.   

One of the highlights that I really liked a lot
was in the Bible. Isaiah, Chapter 62 verse 1.   In Spanish it translates
to say ¨For the love of Zion we won't stop talking, for the love of
Jerusalem we wont rest¨  but in English I think the words are a tad
different and it's a lot better in English.  I love it!   It's so true, for
the love of the Lord and Zion I won't stop talking to people, I won't
rest until the work is done.   So that's a super cool scripture that the
President showed us and he talked a lot about our purpose as
missionaries.   So I loved the conference.   Then we had interviews with
him so that was good.   Then the rest of the week we went to work. We
dropped abou 10 investigators because they weren't progressing or we
couldn't find them and teach them so that stunk.  But that just means we
gotta find more. SATURDAY MORNING WAS GREAT!!!!

So there was a huge stake acivity with all the youth in the stake
about 150 and they did a missionary for 2 days. So Friday they all
had lots of activities and stuff, then Saturday morning all the
missionaries meet up with the youth, and we went on splits, one
missionary with 2 kids and we went out a literally flooded the area
and worked with them for 2 hours. It was super fun! haha First we
meet in a class room and we practiced contacting people and giving out
a Book of Mormon and cards of the church (for 30 mintues) and then we
went out and worked for a hour and 30ish minutes. So that was lots of
fun to work with the kids and get them excited about the work. Also, I
got to lead a group of about 11 kids and 3 other missionaries in
practices before so that was lots of fun. 

Funny story, the 2 boys I were with were super nervous and so I was like ¨okay I'll do the first few to show yall¨ and then I started.  The first guy I talked to was a
Minister and he started yelling at me and cursing me with the Bible.  The
second ignored me (but I still contacted her anyways haha she just
never responded) and the next person told me he didn't want anything.
Needless to say they were super down haha but then we went on and the
day started going a lot better and the kids got into it and we had a
lot of fun. So that was lots of fun to do. I enjoy very much working
with the kids and youth.

Then we worked the rest of that day, and Sunday we had 3 people in
church which was very good for having such a bad week teaching.  We are
baptizing a girl this Saturday named G (20 years old) and is
living with members.  So we are way excited for her.   And we should
baptize a family of 3 in 2 weeks so were excited for them!!   But yes,
the transfer is going to end and it's very very likely I will be
leaving but the goal is to baptise 5 before I go, so I'm pushing to get
it.   We will need a miracle to find someone else who already has
attended church but we are gonna do it!   There are 2 more weeks of the
transfer so we will see next Thursday if I stay or go.

...Something that it taught me was that no matter what happens, the best
defense is a solid testimony along with the Spirit.  Something I've
learned on the mission is when you are real bold with the people they
listen.   When you are bold they stop talking and the Spirit can testify
to them that our message is true.  

Basically the mission is the best thing in the world! I LOVE IT!

But I'm glad all is well with you guys. Sounds like you had a fun week
partying and such.   Good work to dad for losing 7 pounds. And looks
like Tennessee has a fair schedule and they might be able to pull off
some up sets and snag a good bowl game but who knows?   I'm a big fan of
Tyler Bray so we will see what happens.   They should still have a good
receiver or 2 right?   

And yes i can see all the pictures you send me
easy.   I tried to send you pictures last week but they didn't go through
so I'll send them again now.  I'll be expecting the package.  

And Nos Vamos!

Elder Perkins

July 16 Another GUN story!!

Very good... well to start, lets see... yes I need lots more ties haha every time i baptize a man I give him a tie, and I have give some to people who don't have them, etc so some new ties would be wonderful, I'm down to about 7 ha and yes I still use that fancy tooth brush, and just suprise me in the package again ha for ties I like stripes. But send some of each. 
So this week was the best week I have probably had in the mission haha   That's a lie cause we didn't baptize anyone and every week just keeps getting better and better, but it was very good!   Lets see... where to start. So to start the week out, we had divisiones and I went to a different area (always a good thing to do so you can have a little break from your area) and I was with Elder Buzó.   He has 1 month in his mission and is from Argentina and doesn't know a lick of English.  At first I though it would be hard, but it wasn't hard to talk at all ha I always impress myself ;) haha But yeah so we had a really good day together, but the best part of the day was at night we had a lesson with a super good investigator that they have named L.   We had planned to teach about the plan of salvation, but he came in with a list of questions that were super indepth haha and elder buzó being so new didn't know how to respond so it was all on me haha so he asked questions like ¨how come only men have the priesthood?¨ ¨whats the policy on gays?¨ and lots more of real indepth questions about the temples and such.   So I answered all his questions and he still had his doubts.   So that's when I figured that he could ask me questions all day or I could just take over the lesson (which I enjoy to do) so I answered his last question, and then said ¨L, you can ask me questions all day, you can find research all day, but you will never know if the church is true (I think he is a lawyer).  So he looked at me with this look like he was amazed, and said, ¨No really?¨ ha and then I told him that he need to go home that night and ask God if the church was true.   But that he had to ask God with a specific quesiton if he wanted a specifc question.   So we ended the lesson and I didnt think more of it.   Then Sunday a member came up to me (the member that was the friend of L who is in my ward) and said "I have a story to tell you."   And he told me how when I said that, L was impacted by it, he went home and prayed that night and asked God the specific question if the church was true because he trust in me, that God would really answer his question. (Not sure why he trusted a 19 year old American boy haha but he did.)   Then the member told me how the man went and prayed and now he has a rock solid testimony that the church is true, Joseph Smith is a prophet, and the Book of Mormon is true.  So needless to say, I was content ha 

Then on Wedesday thru Friday, we had a normal day and worked hard hard hard. We taught lots, and found 2 new people everyday.  So that was very good. Then after that, we had Saturday which was a very good day too. Then Sunday (which is game day) because if people don't come to church we failed all week, but if they do we win. So church started and we had NO ONE in the church... is was horrible... BUT then 10 minutes late the Familia A walked into the church!   It was the best thing in the world. 
When they walked in (even though they werent investigators), is was great.   They loved the church so now we just gotta keep on them and get them reactivated.   So that was super good to see them come in. 

So now this week, we are going out and dropping cane on everyone about how they should of come to church haha the truth, is there are 3 weeks left in the transfer, and our goal is to have 6 baptisms... It's a big goal but we think we can do it.   Actually we know we can do it, we just gotta get to work!   haha anyways... Sunday night, we had a lesson with the Familia Q (a family we reactivated everyone a total of 4 but the dad still only comes everynow and then) and there oldest daughter (11 years old) drew me this picture of me and her standing in front of the church ha and she wrote on it a cute little thing. So that was a very nice reward to get from her! ha I enjoyed it. 

Basically all is going well here. I offically Love it!  haha   

Something I've learned is the kids here are the best in the world!   haha   I love them all!   I have started carrying a little ball around with me to throw to the kids (ages 13 to 4) and they throw it back and then we keep walking but they think it's the coolest thing in the world and get so excited!  haha Its funny. And they always run up to me and just stare at me and wait for me to talk to them and do our handshake.   I do a little hand shake with the kids, the same one everytime, but boy do they love it haha so that's always fun. 

OH! So i told you how last week a guy pulled a gun on us, well it happened again! ha We have a super poor area (and that's where it always happens) and we were looking for a person and a guy came up to us with his friend and were asking us for money and our coats and shoes, etc.   Me I just started to contact them.   ¨Hey there how are you?  How old are you?  Can i give you a card, we would love to share a message with you... etc¨ and they were super caught off guard, but my comp was like "just search me i dont have anything", (but I knew he had like 80 pesos in his pocket and if they did search him they would of flipped and searched us both and robbed everything!)   So I keep cutting him off and then I kind of step in front of him so he stops talking and they can only talk to me, and keep talking about the gospel.   Then the guy says ¨if I pull out my gun will that change how much money you have?¨ and I said ¨if I give you a card will you let us come by and teach you about Christ?¨  haha and then they were like no... and then they left... ha Needless to say, we live a wild life style down here but its the best! 

Also something funny here is the people love the name ¨Perkins¨. haha the members love coming up to me and saying ¨Elder Perkins... Perkins... Perkins hahaha its funny. Even when there walking away there still saying it. The members are super cool and we have a good relationship. 

The winter season is here in Argentina. It's getting pretty cold, but I keep warm in the street with my big big jacket and scarf and gloves.  So I do just fine. The worst part is waking up in a freezing cold house because of warming thingys died of the flame blew out haha but that's a daily thing.  But what can you do? ha 

anway... the work down here is going good.  People just need to come to church!  But this week they are coming. I'm taking away the choice to choose haha there coming ;) haha jk I wish I could do that.
But good I'm glad all is well at the house.   

Tell My Aunt Elaine that I say "hi and love you."  
But very good, keep doing good. 

Tell Dad that if he doesn't want to be hungry when he goes to jog, he can buy a protien shake mix, and drink that when he gets back from jogging, so he burns the fat into muscle (sp?) and he will lose wieght fast that way if he buys a weight cutting one and it will fill him and it will be his breakfast. They only cost like 40 dollars for a TON! 

But good, be good and find people for the missionarys to teach! THEY NEED HELP! Every week you should give them a reference of someone to go see. You could be suprised, when a member gives us a name, we have about a 70 percent rate they accept us and let us teach them. SO DO IT! you´ll be amazed how many of your friends will accept. do it!

Love you all!
Elder Perkins 

July 9 A GUN!

Well my family, things here in Argentina are very good!   I love it here.   Lets see, this week has been a good one. Nothing really happen out of the ordinary.   Just same old Argentina and for some reason the delete key on my keyboard isn't working so if there is a lot of mis-spelled words I guess you will all understand haha so lets see... 

We have been having lots of problems getting people to come to church... I'm not sure why like at first it was tough to get them there but now its just flipping hard! haha
I hate it because the people need to go! But were working on it! 

So lets see this week we have been finding a lot of good people and we have found 2 families that are listening to us right now.  Neither of them went to church but we knew they wouldn't cause they were both leaving town cause today (Monday) is a holiday down here and all the colleges and schools have the next like 3 or 4 weeks off so people are being super lazy right now... blehh I don't like lazy people... ha but were working to combat it. 

But really I'm not sure what to write because everything is just super normal down here. hmmm where to start. The weather down here is starting to get cold. For some reason it's been super hot and we haven't had to wear anything more than a scarf and a coat (like a light jacket)  BUT now it's starting to get super cold!   I don't know what happened but wow it's freezing now,  I guess that's the biggest thing that has changed.   That's not good cause now there are more people inside and not in the streets so its harder to contact people, hard to stand out side and talk to people cause their super cold and want to go inside. Needless to say it's much better warm, but that okay, I guess we just have to find a new way to talk to people ha 

What else has happened.... to be honest nothing really. The Spanish is coming along very well so that's good.   I don't have much to comment on cause yeah its just a normal week.   Well, I'm glad that you are using my letters to help people in your Deacons quorum, hopefully they liked it and learned something haha 

OH! so last night (Sunday night) we weren't having success all day and it was a super downer cause we couldn't teach or find anyone!  BUT!  My comp had the idea to go see someone who is the brother of a member that they had seen the night before on divisiones. He told them he wouldn't read the Book of Mormon and wouldn't accept a date to be baptised.  (We have to commit everyone on the first lesson, not sure if Tyler had to do the same, but here it's like a commandment that President gave us).   So we went to his house and he let us in and we talked for a minute and then we just started into the lesson after a prayer.   And this man is super tough!   Like he has been talking with missionarys for the past like 4 years or so, so he knows what's up.   Anyway, we started explaining the Apostasy (not sure how you spell it in english) but I explained it super well to him.  And then I asked if he understood he repeated it all back to me in his words and it was perfect.  He said ¨so like after Christ died and the 12 Apostles, the church fell and men formed churches but they weren't the church of God cause they didn't have a prophet or the priesthood¨   I was like ¨YES!!!¨ haha so then my comp went into the Joseph Smith story and he understood it and he said he´ll read and pray and then we commited him to baptism.   So we will see if he does anything with it, but it was a super good lesson. He´s a super cool fun guy so that was good.  

Lets see... what let's happened this week.  

OH!! haha mom will love this one... so we were walking down the street Friday and all the youth (ages 14-20) are always hanging out in the street.  So as we walked by them 2 guys cut us off and started asking us if we ¨paid the toll¨ yet and my comp
made a joke  and he said "yeah we did like back there" (and pointed down the road). Then one guy said ¨you think your funny?¨ and then out of no where whipped out a gun haha and started waving it around and kept saying ¨you think I'm kidding huh?¨ it was super wildd!!   I got this like instant jump of energy and I was thinking ¨oh boy, my comp is gonna die I gotta do something!¨    So I wait to see what happens cause he hadn't pointed it at my comp directly he was just waving it around so in my head I came to the conclusion that I wouldn't do anything until he pointed it actually at my comp.   Then, he just said some mean words and put it away and then he left.   It was WILD!!   Let's just say that I'm glad to be alive ha so that was something that happened that was fun. 

Tyler and Conner will enjoy that story and Dad haha 

Lets see... I don't know what else... Everyone down here is good.  The new camera is great!   It takes very good pictures so I'll be sending some home tomorrow, well not tomorrow but next week. hmm what else... that's about it ha but yeah all is well with me down here. Hopefully all is well with the kids and yall. 

Be good and have fun! 
Elder Perkins!


so i have a little bit more time so I  figure I'll write some more about what happened this week... we have the new Mission President but I haven't heard anything new about him other than he has a TON of excitment and he is ready for the work which is very good cause there is a lot of work to be done down here!  In our ward we have about 40 members each week and we have a ward roster of about 250 or a little more. That is not a very good percent!   so... needless to say in just that aspect there is work to be down.   We run into people ALL the time that say ¨yeah I was baptized in the church¨  it's very common 

also.. so yeah... but I'm proud to say that all my converts are still active, but we will see what happens when I leave!   Cause that's when they normally go inactive cause ¨their missionary¨ left... but that better not happen! haha 
This transfer we have the goal to get 5 baptisms are we should be able to do it! We have 1 guaranteed but that's just not good enough.  We need 5 guaranteed! haha but yeah thats all for now! So i just found out my delete key really does work.... after I've been finding ways to work around it for the past 45 minutes... haha but yeah... all is well here, have a wonderful in party land (kids and mom) and me and dad will keep working and doing what we gotta do haha

Elder Perkins!

July 2 The Spirit Can Change A Heart

Well hello from Argentina....I have noticed that when I write things
I cannot spell.   I've never been able to spell but now that I'm always
thinking in Spanish I tend to put Spanish letters (sounds) rather than
English so that's wild ha but anyway... yall will have to use the
Spirit to read it I guess... anyway I'll start by telling yall about
my week.

It has been a rough one!   yay!   haha those are always the best... this
week we for some reason just have not had success... we found a total
of 4 new investigators which stinks, we had one at church... which
stinks... we had no baptisms this week which is as bad as sinning!  

so needless to say its just been a long week. HOWEVER! We did divisiones his week with 2 men in our ward and that was the best! I had 2 super super good experiences that I will now share with you.

Experience 1
So I was with a man named D and he just got reactivated 5 months
ago and is struggling a lot. So as were walking I tell him ¨someone on
this street is ready to hear the gospel right now¨ (but I tell that to
everyone) so that was nothing different and I tell him to follow the
Spirit and pick a house to knock.  So he picks one and we knock the
door.  The man shut the door as fast as he opened it ha he didn't want
anything.  So D was a bit bummed but I said ¨bien, vamos a trater
de nuevo¨ aka (good, we are going to try again) so the next house he
picked was the nieghbor of this guy.  We knock the door and a lady
opens it.  We give are little intro and start talking to her and she
told us she wants nothing to do with us, to leave, and no church can
solve her problems, and she woud rather talk to a therapist.  So I
start just talking to her and she would answer my question but kept
telling us to leave. (little did she know I am called of God and I was
not going to leave).   So I just start talking to her more. And she
kept saying things like ¨your 19 years old, you don't know what I know,
you are from America you don't understand, nothing can help me, just
leave, I don't want your help, I will never listen to you, no church is
true, no church has helped me in the past, and lots of things like
that.  So the member gives her a card and tries to end it.   Little did
he know I wasn't done haha   So I just start going.  I really have no idea
what I said, but all I know is it worked.   I just kept bearing a simple
testimony for example ¨I know I don't know much, but I know I can
answer every single problem you have¨ or ¨the only reason I am here is
because I know the church I represent is true and I know how to change your
life for the better¨.   So I would say a simple statement like that then
we would stand there in silence and we would just stare at each other.
Eye to eye for a good 30 second.  Then every time she would say ¨no
thank you, it can't help me, please go¨ and every time I would just
stare at her then say another simple powerful testimony and then we
would begin to stare while I awaited her reply and we would repeat.   So
this went on for a good 20 minutes in her doorway.   Each time she would
bring up a different doubt and I would shoot it down so fast with a
simple testimony. Then she said something (not sure what) and I just
start talking.   I remember saying this, ¨lady, it's not important what
your problems are, it's not important what has happened to you in the
past, it's not imporart... it's not important I'm only 19, but what is
important is I know that our church is the only church of God.   I know
without a doubt you can change your life for the better and solve all
your problems through Christ and our message.   I know this to be true
and I know that God exists (she was athiest) and there is life after
this.   Then we stared eye to eye for a good solid 2 minutes and you
could just see her face melt and she said ¨fine, I'll read your pamphlet
(the plan of salvation one) I'll mark all my questions in it, and when
you come back we will talk and I'll listen¨ AHHH!!!   I was so glad!  She
has had so many problems and I know she felt the Spirit and I can't
wait to go back to her house this week!  We have a cita with her this
Friday I think or Saturday.  So that was super cool to feel the Spirit
so strong and watch it change her.

Experience 2
That same night we went to visit E and J and only E was
there so we start talking to her and a guy was in the house.  He was
leaving but asked her for a cig and she pulled one out and gave it to
him.  And I was thinking ¨it's time to change our lesson plan from Plan
of Salvation to Smoking¨.   So we prayed and right after the prayer I
said ¨E, go get all your cigs and give them to me right now¨.   She
looked at me and said ¨No¨.   I sat there and thought "don't you tell me
no. I know whats best for you."   She had just been baptized but started
smoking again.   So I start just tearing it down about smoking and how she doesn't need it.   The Spirit was super strong and I started talking about how she needs to be an example for her son (who also got baptized) and she started crying and
the Spirit was way strong and I look at her in the eyes and said ¨Go
get your cigs and give them to me right now¨ and without saying more
than ¨okay¨ she got up and got them and gave them to me!!!   But it was
cool to see the Spirit change her heart from a strong firm ¨No I will
not give them to you¨ to ¨okay¨ and she did!!!

So those were my 2 cool experiences that happened to me! They were
both super good.  Other than the fact E is smoking again but I know
she will stop.   We just got to stay on her.  

OH! So a guy in our ward owns a bread/donut shop and everyday
we pass by he gives us all the donuts and bread we want fresh!  I LOVE
IT!!! hahaha best thing in the world!  I also got your package!  It was
very good! I loved everything and the horse and football are growing
in water as we speak. haha   The camera is wonderful!   It's great and all
the photos and videos were very good.   Thank  you!  And yeah in the next
one... uhhhh idk!      

Another week has gone by living the dream!
I love it here! WOOT!
we eat lots of stuff I'll tell you about that next time. Elder Garrision (Zone leader way cool) cuts my hair and I cut his.  

Till next time!
Elder Perkins :)

no,  I havent got sick.  I am a man... I'm actually way suprised that I
haven't gotten sick.   Most all Americans do within the first 3 months
and I'm past that and still nothing!  So that's great!   And the food we
eat is like Pastas, Stew ( but called Giso o Gizo) google it, and
google Argentina bbq we eat that too.  Called Asado and yeah... lots of
noodles and bread.   We eat bread with every single meal. They just put
a lot of loafs of bread on the table and everyone rips off a piece and
you have your fork in one hand and bread in the other ALWAYS! haha

OH! Taylor wants you to forward my emails to her... she said that in a
dear elder... also have her check her dear elder account because she
has sent me the same dear elder 5 times... like every week.... so yeah

ps. I can't email avery anymore (another rule we just got) so forward
him this through his mom
p.s. dont have to much fun going wild these next few weeks with all
your partying and going crazy.

June 25 An Amazing Week! WOOT WOOT!

Well, first thing is first, we had transfers 2 days ago and I'm staying!   I'm still in good ole Santa Rosa with my comp so that good I suppose. haha   So that probably means that I'll be moved out the next transfer so that's something to look forward to but who knows.... maybe I'll be here forever! ha 

Anyway, this past week was amazing!  We had two baptisms!! WOOT WOOT! It was wonderful! 

We baptized E and J and mother and son ages about 55 for E and 21 for J.  They are great!  Ever since we started to teach J he has accepted everything, and has always been committed to be baptised and he loves church and everything.  E, on the other hand likes church a lot and loves our lessons but she would NEVER commit to the date to be baptised.  But we went ahead last Sunday and announced that E and J would be baptised that Saturday the 23rd of June.   When really only J was a for sure and she was looking like she wasn't.   BUT, I was praying that she would.  So on Tuesday we had a lesson with them, went very very good but she still wouldn't commit to a date.  Then Wednesday we had a lesson with her.  This time things were different!  E always reads the Book of Mormon and has had many many experiences feeling the Holy Ghost while she reads the Book of Mormon.  There really is power in reading the Book of Mormon and when doing so one just knows, through the Holy Ghost, that it is true.   So the whole lesson it was literally E vs. Elder Perkins haha everything I said she just spun to say  ¨yeah well we will see.... we will see if I get baptised¨ and that is not the answer I wanted or the Lord.   Thankfully the Lord is on my side :) haha  you could tell that she was just doubting the Spirit that she had felt and I knew in that moment that if I let her keep putting off a date to be baptized it would never happen.   Because when we don't have goals, Satan can work on us and things that we know we should do, we don't do cause we ¨have time¨and we wait.... Not sure why I felt like this in this moment but I just had this though and acted on it.   I cut her off from talking, the whole room just super quiet for a good 30 seconds (the silence felt like forever) and then I started just talking.  I was looking directly at her in the eyes and telling her that she knew the gospel was true, she knew Joseph Smith was a prophet, she knew that the Book of Mormon is a book of God, and I honestly don't remember what I said but I went on for a good 5 minutes, filling her with the Spirit.   It was the best! haha   Then I stopped talking and everyone in the room was looking at me. (E and J, Brother and Sister M, and my comp) and we sat there in silence for a good 30 second that felt like forever.   The whole time I'm just staring into her eyes.  Then I said this.... ¨E I know that you know its true.  You have felt the Spirit testifying to you that this is true.  E,  you need this for your life.¨  Then out no where the words came to my mouth and I just said  ¨Will you make the decision now, to be the example for your son, and be baptized with him in 3 days?¨  Then BAM!!!! the Spirit was super strong in the room and she looked back at me and was holding off tears and said, ¨Yes, I will do it.   Your right.¨   AHHHH!!!! HAHAHAH   I was sooo happy!    But remember this happened Wednesday so we had one day to teach them ALL commandments (Law of chasity, Tithing, Word of Wisdom, etc...) and then one day to do the interview and then their baptism the next day.   So then we went to their house the next day and we had a 2 hour lesson from 7 to 9 at night and taught them every commandment and they accepted every single one without a problem.   That NEVER HAPPENS!!   So then Friday they passed the interview and they both got baptised Saturday and received the Holy Ghost on Sunday! :)   

Ahhh, I loved it so much!   I was so grateful for the lesson that we had that one night.   The cool thing is the whole time I was talking the Spirit was super strong and working on her.  But that always happens.  She later told us (yesterday) that what made the difference was when I said ¨will you be baptised to be the EXAMPLE FOR YOUR SON¨.   Those key words ¨example for your son¨ she said touched her in such a way she couldn't say no and had to be baptised.   So it was wonderful!   

But the stressful part is the week before someone gets baptized something always bad happens that makes them doubt.   ALWAYS.   Because Satan is attacking them full force so they don't get baptised.   So I was looking super hard to find the thing, or answer the last doubt, basically just trying to protect them.   Then Friday night J told me that a girl invited him to Evangelico (Spelling?) rave that was of God and he wanted to go to it to be in the presence of God and this event was happening Saturday morning, the morning of the baptism.   So I looked at him and told him that this ¨rave thing¨ was not of God and was of the Devil and he could not go to it.   And then he said okay, didn't go and they got baptized!    

Long story short is was a very stressful but rewarding week.   We found them 20 days ago, we taught them everynight from 7 to 8 or 8:30 except 2 nights.  Then they got baptized.   Their lives have totally changed in 20 days, for the better.   It was just a testimony to me that the gospel is true and without the Spirit, we really can't teach, because without the Spirit I know I wouldn't have used those words and she wouldn't have been baptized.  

So all in all, I LOVE E and J and it was a wonderful week! :) 

Other than that, we had zone conference which was very good, President leaves this week and the new one comes this week so that is exciting.  We should have a another baptism in 13 days, and M and A are getting married in 2 weeks so they can get baptized!   WOOT! 

So all in all, the work is moving along very good.  Lets see.... not sure what else to say haha that was the highlight of the week.   

Hopefully y'all liked my pictures that I sent home last week.  I'm still awaiting your package but it should be here this Saturday.   

My spanish is very good. People have told me a lot this week that its getting very good.  I'm to the point where I can say what ever I want and they understand even though it's only 85 or 90 percent correct,the grammer.   But when it comes to normal stuff I can speak perfectly ha 

Lets see..... what else happened.... so far we have re-activated 2 families a total of 10 people so thats super exciting! :)   They are coming to church more so that's always super exciting! and yeah... 

all is well here... yes we have heat in our apartment. and as of right now I'm not gonna buy a bigger coat.  I make due with the coats I have.   And I normally wear a scarf and gloves and ear muffs which keep me nice and warm!   

Also i took out 90 dollars a while ago.... I took it out just to have money in case I needed to buy something.   I've only pulled money out once. 

That's crazy that happened to Conner and Ethan ha next time maybe they will learn not to be bad drivers ;) haha but everyone needs a good story to tell and I guess now Conner has his!  

The zone leaders are very good!  Elder Sanchez left yesterday he got transfered. Which stunk!   We were super tight and had lived together for 4 months just about so that was sad ha but Elder Garrision and me this past transfer have grown really close. We are pretty much a perfect pair haha he reminds me a lot of Avery so that's good. But lets be honest,.... No one can replace Avery haha he by far is better lol like no joke but Elder Garrision is like him. 

What happened to Ethen in the crash?   (Quinton is talking about an ATV accident with Ethan and Conner.) 

No, the Bishop and his family who is less active didn't come to church yesterday... but we had a good lesson with them last night so we will see if they had a change of heart now. I wont say what happened.... But I would put money on it they come to church this week :) haha anyways... hope all of y'all have a wonderful week!

Be good, love the gospel, read the srciptures, HELP THE MISSIONARYS!

With much Love
Elder Perkins :)