Sunday, February 5, 2012

One Month

All is well here in the CCM! There really is nothing new to report really. My suit is a piece of junk haha so i will need to buy a new one of those when i get down to Argentina and if you could maybe send me another pair of pants so i can have another. that would be much needed! But there isn't anything to report.

Spanish is tough, but it's coming. I've officially been on my mission for a month! BOY OH BOY does time fly!

But ya.... i have nothing else to say! I hope all is well with you guys! The CCM is boring. My district has 8 boys in it. Ill email later today so reply with any questions you have!

Please send any color pants, not just plain black or something. Maybe stripped or something I don't care I just need another pair. I'm like 35x34ish so something around there would be great. Yeah my district isn't to much fun but me and Elder Young get along very well and have a good time. There are some other cool ones that I like so that's good. Yeah we didn't have a temple walk today because of the ice. Stupid huh!?! You would think missionary's can walk on ice but I guess not!

I look forward to seeing Tyler! ALSO! I found out that since we will miss each other by 4 years, and he is in Provo, if he calls the MTC he can set up a time to meet me during the day and the MTC will let us meet in the MTC. So tell him to do that!!!!! I could care less when I just do the same thing all day so have him do that. It would be fun.

The temple was great today as always! Have a list of questions for me next week and I'll answer them.

We are expected to leave for Argentina FEB 20th. That's the date they have given us that we will fly out on so that will be very exciting. The Spanish is coming.

Someone last week stole my Spanish scriptures from my class room haha I thought they would be safe since we are in the CCM but i guess not! so I had to get new ones which stink. But I got a sweet scripture case for them. They are Spanish lookin hahha ill send some home for you guys at some point! My shirt is just idk.... like it just doesn't look sharp anymore.

Nothing you can do to help, other than have money in my account so I can get a new one when I get to Argentina. On Mondays I go every morning at 830 am and do sealings.

Boy has the time flown!
Tell Morgan that the food here is good! I eat chicken, and hamburgers, and salad, and big qdoba burritos, and cookies, and drink orange Fanta for every meal! Its very good and its unlimited. That's why I'm up to a solid 11 pounds i have gained!! hahaha

But all is well,

Elder Perkins!

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