Sunday, February 5, 2012


Hola Familia!
Its Christmas so today there letting us all email home and what not so that's nice of them.

Christmas in the MTC you would think would be boring and bad, but actually it has been great!!! On Christmas eve we had a good Christmas program with lots of singing and a small skit so that was lots of fun to do. And then they gave us all a wonderful treat and let us watch ¨the movie a Christmas story so that was great! I hope you started a blog for me so people can follow me because I'm oh so important. hahaha just kidding.

But I love the MTC! everyone always says bad things about it, but i enjoy it so much! The spirit here is so strong and its great to be with so many other elders who are trying to do the right thing!
My espanol is coming along just fine. I'm putting it 100 percent on the Lord and doing everything I can to learn the language. I have taught two lessons with my companion already in Spanish and its great! The first lesson we tried to teach him about the gospel and it didn't work every well. Partly because we were so nervous and we weren't listening to the spirit. We were teaching him what WE thought he knew, rather than what the spirit was telling us to do.

So then the second lesson went much better. Half way through it I was testifying to him that i knew prayer was the way we can communicate with God, and then all of a sudden I started teaching him how to pray, and I was speaking muy bueno espanol and I could understand the investigator, and everything was just great! So i taught him how to pray, and then at the end of the lesson I asked if he would pray and he did and it was great! Everything was just great and the Spirit was so strong so that was good.

The first day I was here, it was crazy. Grandpa dropped me off at the MTC and right away I was being rushed all over the place picked up books and everything. Then about an hour later we were in class and started learning. We spend just about all day every day in class or at meetings and its great! The spirit is strong no matter what you are doing as long as you are following the rules.

I never realized how strong prayer was and that if we pray and ask for things the Lord will give them to us.
My Spanish is coming along good too. I can pray, testify, hold a conversation in Spanish, and its all well. OH! unlce brad and aunt Karen sent me a Christmas package which was great! But i couldn't find an address to write them a letter back, so if you could DEAR ELDER me there address ASAP that would be great so i can write them a letter.

Ill send another email home tomorrow on my real P DAY. But all is well here in the MTC. My expected departure date is February 20th which seems like so far away but I'm sure ill keep busy and it will go by fast.

Oh i forgot to mention that Elder Bednar spoke to all the elders today for our Christmas sacrament meeting so he spoke for about an hour and 10 minutes and that was great to hear him speak. He spoke on not looking inward, but focusing on others like the savior. It was great. Ill tell you more about it in my email tomorrow. All is well here, I love the MTC and the evangelió! Yo que evangelio es verdado! Yo amo JesuCristo! Yo que a traves la expacion nostros puedemos vivir con Dios.

Elder Perkins

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