Wednesday, August 1, 2012


So, last week was week 5 of the transfer so we will get transfers this Friday in the morning, so next Monday I'll either email you from Santa Rosa or a different area. Odds are that I'll be out of here but who knows? 

Right now I feel like I'm gonna throw up so we will see how this email goes.  (I just went to Gridos ice cream place and ate wayyyy to much and drank lots of water that was probably unfiltered and tasted horrible!)  

But anyway.... this week was good. Boy do I have some good stories hahah so here we go! 

Overall in the week we found lots of new investigators, a total of 16, and we found a family of 7 that's super cool!   We had a super good lesson with them and by the end of it they were all saying ¨I want to get baptised again with you Elder Perkins¨ haha There is a mom and a friend and then 5 kids. They weren't able to come to church cause the mom´s mom was in the hospital and they went to check on her... but they are super solid as of right now so I'm excited for that!   

SO something else very good happened. I´ll call it a miracle of studies!  So, for my whole mission I've done a super good job at showing people why they need to be baptised again because our church is true and such but I've always felt like something was missing.  So Tuesday morning I made a goal to find the missing part in lesson 1 (the restoration of the gospel and Apostasy).   So I started studying hard and I FOUND IT!!!   I realized I don't talk enough about the Atonement of Christ and about how without it we couldn't do anything or receive forgiveness of our sins.   SO I made it a goal to teach in each lesson about the Atonement a lot and really focus on it, and by doing that this week the investigators have just changed.   They now understand things a lot better and you can see a change in them and their wanting to read in the Book of Mormon more and pray more and go to church.   So that was the best haha 

So about the baptism of G (and yes thats how you spell her name.)  Anyway, we had the goal set for her to be baptized the 4th of August, WOOT WOOT!!   I was soooo happy!   It is the best.  So she is getting baptised this Saturday so that's super exciting. 

Yes I got my birthday package and the 6 of us in the house had a pretty good dart war with those guns ha so thanks for that and I like the 2 ties a lot. 

I'm almost finished with the Book of Mormon in Spanish for the first time and I just started reading the New Testament so that's really fun.   I like the Bible a lot. 

And theres nothing special about the name Perkins, the people just love it for some reason and find it really fun to say. And all the kids can remember it, and for those few reasons they love it. Its funny. 

And yes I was able to talk to the mission president ha what type of queston was that? lol I have been speaking spanish for the past 5 months. haha But yes i can talk with any person down here, and have a perfectly normal conversation with them. Not that i wanna brag but my spanish is pretty dang good. I study the language super hard each day. Another miracle of studying cause if you look at other missionaries with more time than me I can speak better than them just cause they don't study it.   So spanish is very good! 

Hmm... lets see, so much happens and when Monday hits I don't remember. But I write in my journal every day so you can look forward to that.   And I write lots! haha 

Basically we do lots of things here that are super super different from the states but I never remember them.  Like we take taxis everywhere!   I had rarely drove in a taxi before coming here but we take them all over the place.   

And yes the Olympics here are big.   Every house we go into, is watching them so that's super fun to get updates on that.   

But good, I'm glad all is well down there. The truth is the mission is the best thing in the world. I never realized how wonderful it would be till I got here.  I mean don't get me wrong, every day I return home 100 percent exhausted, 100 percent drained spiritually, I'm hunrgy, it's flipping hot (it does not feel like winter at ALL!), people here always are yelling at us, and doing stupid things to us, lots of people don't like us, but the joy of finding someone who is ready for the gospel, or baptizing, or teaching someone about Christ, or having all the kids run up to you and getting to hand out little candies to them, and stuff makes all the bad things not important. Its amazing. The gospel really is the sweetest fruit in the world! 

but yeah... lots more has happened this past week I just can't think cause I wanna throw up ha ill send more pictures next week.  

The weather down here has been super warm lately. I love it cause i am not a fan of the cold.

It's weird to think that I'm going to be 20 years old in 21 days. And I figured that since I got my package super early, there is time for yall to send me another one for my birthday again :)   Fill it with lots of goodies. OH!   Something I could use in the next package is socks (because I'm burning through them), more face stuff, sweets, and maybe one or 2 pairs of slacks. My favorite ones I have are those dark gray ones that I have.   I'll give you more details about the waist and detail next time, unless you already know it.  It's like 34 by 34 I believe.   So next one you send me get like 2 pair of gray ones in it.   Different gray ones clearly but I like the dark gray.   My suit is on it's last breath ha due to washing the pants through the washer in Kansas that really destroyed them and wearing them every day in kansas for a month so some time next transfer I might go new suit shopping.

But yeah other than that, life is great.   I'm really loving it here, and time is flying.   I wish time would just stop and I  could do this for longer.   The weeks are flying.   I can not believe that i have been in the mission for over 7 months now. Thats crazy!!! And now its August... wow, where has the time gone. Just goes to show, the importance of not wasting one day.   The mission is really the best thing in the world.   The church is so true. There is just no way it can't be. 

God really does live and does love us. 

I'm lucky cause I get to show people every day that God loves them and I get to see a portion of their joy.   

I LOVE ARGENTINA!!!   I love testifying with the Bible, testifying of Christ, dropping cane on people, and changing lives.   What can I say.... it's just what a missionary does.  =)

and yes that last sentence, you can quote me on it ;) 

If you wanna know something question me! 

Be good, Much Love
Elder Perkins