Friday, February 17, 2012

New Assignment in America

from Mom:

Quinton emailed and then was able to call home on Thursday!

He sounds so good...and very happy! I just love that boy!!

Anyway, with a change in consulates the missionaries going to Argentina have not received their visas. There was a change in consulates and they only come to the MTC every 6 weeks to sign paperwork. They came on Monday, I think, so the Elders could sign paperwork.

SO, the Elders in Quintons district were given a new temporary call to different places in the US for the next 6-8 weeks while waiting on their visas.

Quinton and one other Elder were assigned to Independence Missouri for two months.

He was in very good spirits about it and I reminded him to pray about this call and know he is needed there for a short time!

His call last night was a short 5-6 minutes and then he was able to call from the airport this morning. He flew to Missouri this morning.

He was very excited to leave the MTC and get to work. He said it was great but he was just ready to leave. It has been 8 weeks!!

He is going to be a great missionary, I am so thankful he is so happy!!


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