Sunday, February 5, 2012


Well that was the best email yet hearing all about you guys and Tyler and the Broncos game! That's great!

My entire district had bets on the game so i stood in front of the district and read them the updates you send us. So that was very good.

Also I NEED BRADS AND KARENS ADDRESS!!!! DEAR ELDER IT TO ME! but the package was great it really enjoyed getting it. The Mountain Dew will be put to good use haha!

I have a temple walk every Sunday at the same time so Tyler could meet me at the temple (on the grounds we don't go in) on Sunday at 2:15. Probably 200 elders go at a time but that's my assigned time and we get to walk around for an hour so tell him to meet me there and ill look out for him! DEAR ELDER me if he will meet me there on like Friday or so. That would be fun to catch up with him.

But nothing is really new in the MTC. Patrick carver left today to Vegas so that was exciting to see him go. Ive taken about 50 pictures now so if you want I can send you home my card if you want the first 3 weeks of my mission on film...

The Spanish is coming along. I'm getting better but its still tough.

But that's okay because like mom always said:

"We can do Hard Things"

And its so true. And YES, the MTC just crams info into you. Its crazy. Never in my life have I been told so many things, and suppose to remember them all (In a different language). Ive also noticed like Kellie said that my spelling is getting worse and worse.... Its getting very bad hahaha I'm always putting in Spanish letters in English words and they make different sounds and its a big mess. Most of my writing in my study journal is like 50 percent in Spanish 40 percent in English and 10 percent in a mix of the two. haha its funny but oh well.


oh and to defend my typing, most of the time im typing on a spanish set up key board! So you have to cut me a little slack! Cool fact for yall i just thought of! This next week or next two weeks is the MTC 50 year anaversery, which means the big 3 (President Monson) and his two top men (i wont attempt to spell either) will be coming to theMTC and speaking to us so that will be lots of fun!

Also, its P-Day so we get to go do a temple session today so I'm excited for that! IT will be lots of fun to go with all the missionary's. Ill email again around 4ish or 2ish so ask any questions you wanna know.
Oh something cool to think that you can tell Conner its a good quote....

"Helamans army was the best of their time. They were strong, young, righteous and they couldn't be beat. The Lord used them to do his will. In our day (2012), the missionaries are that army. We are strong, young, righteous, and we can not be beat. No matter what Satan throws at us, we can not fail."

All is well!


Elder Perkins!

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