Friday, February 17, 2012

I'm so happy!

hey hey hey!

So this week was rough! Ill start with all the loads of Bad news that happened!

First, we didn't get our VISA,,, so today or tomorrow I get a new mission call and I'll get reassigned somewhere in America for 1-2 months and then ill be shipped down to Argentina. So that will kinda be good.

Lots of other stuff happened that I had to deal with that I wont go into but ya... crazy week! I had 3 different talkings with 3 different teachers (Like pretty high up there teachers not just average ones) about how everyone in the district respects and looks up to me and they told me all these problems everyone is having and its now my job to fix them! YAY! ha ha but that's okay because It keep my day fun lol So that's always fun to do i guess.

Anyways... So today or tomorrow I should get "new" travel plans and a new destination for the first 2 months in the field. So that will be fun. I just mailed a letter home with some stuff so be looking for that. It has my camera card!

:) By the way... I'm all out of Mountain Dew, Please send more! NO DIET! The regular stuff works great!

Everything fits good. I'm up 15.6 pounds from when I got here . But boy do I make it look good haha you'll see in pics.

All is wel!! l reply to your email later!


well Kellie looks good with her braces off! just make sure shes not kissing on a whole bunch of boys now ;)

So as you know from the email I sent dad this week has been very tough. i don't know why, but everyone turns to me to fix their problems. I get pulled out of class just about every day and have a sometimes short (10min) or long and hour meeting with the resource teachers (the people over our zone, all returned missionary's) about how whats the new issue and how I need to help solve it! ha its crazy!

And then with all the visa problems and then at lunch we got yelled at for being loud for a solid 30 minutes, our temple walk got canceled, in church we just got lectured for 2 hours. I mean everything that could of gone wrong did this week! But the funny thing is, is that it doesn't matter. I'm so happy (even though its been so hard) I love the work and I wouldn't do anything else other than this. Its great to know that no matter how hard things get or how sucky things are, the gospel makes it all better!

i love it!

Anyways, ill let you know when i get my next call somewhere in America!
Love ya!

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