Sunday, February 5, 2012

I Love Taking Naps

The ipod password I can not remember so that's a problem haha there should be a way if you take it into the store or plug it into the computer to erase everything restart it so look into that.

I liked looking at the pictures. Feel free to DEAR ELDER me lots so i get mail during the week because getting mail is the best and pass that word onto my men in the ward that I like and anyone else who asks. make sure you tell them me box number.

Sounds like y'all had a good Christmas!

I love P Day!! its probably the best day ever. Its so relaxing and chill and you get to take naps! I love taking naps. I never realized how great they are. We literally work like all day every day and we study the language so hard that I get headaches during class but that's okay because I know the Lord will bless me for it. That's the nice thing, knowing that no matter what, as long as I try hard (even if i fail) I will be blessed so that is comforting.

A cool quote President Bednar gave us when he spoke was that "When I ask converts to the church what they remember about the missionary discussions they don't remember anything! They only remember what they felt." So as long as I bring the spirit with me it will all be good.

I like my District a lot. We have a lot of fun together and we get along very well. Ive made good friends with two of them (you will see in the pictures when i send them home) you will know which they are. There good guys and fun to be with. MY companion is Elder Blackman.

Everyone in my district is going to Argentina on the same day that I am, so we will all fly out together which is nice. I love Monday's because that's when Elders fly out to the mission and they give all there snacks and food away! So I'm gathering a nice pile of food!

On Christmas night we have Brother Alan talk to us who is the MTC director and he spoke on how missions are hard and not easy. But totally worth it so that was very good.

The food is also great. I see Patrick a lot during free time and during meals so that fun! We get along well. We got to walk to the temple on Sunday (Christmas) so that was fun and G-pa goes to the temple at night, and we always go in the morning so oh well we wont meet up.

Anyway all is well here and the work is moving along.

We teach our 3rd lesson tomorrow to Arturo so that will be fun. Were going to teach him (in Spanish) about familias y evangelio y a few other things. I will end with a scripture. Alma 26:27. Its what Brother Alan shared to us and its great. Look it up and show the kids. I NEED Those address!!! Unlce BRADS AND KARENS, TAYLORS AT BYU, and yeah. DEAR ELDER THOSE TO ME NOW!!! SO that was i will get them Tuesday.

mucho gracis!

Elder Perkins!

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