Monday, March 5, 2012

Don't Worry Quinton...I've Got Your Back!

So this week was a good week.

The two people we have on date are doing very good. So I'm very excited for that! The area is slowly starting to pick up. We have really been pushing to get more people to teach and we think we have a good game plan for this week. However, my comp and I are leading the zone, number wise so that's good. Before I got here we were dead last in the zone so that's good. People notice us, also that means the members are starting to trust us more and hopefully that means referrals! Missionary work is soooo hard without those. So family, give the ELDERS IN OUR WARD SOME NAMES!!!

Funny story! You know how ever Elder has a funny pooping themselves story? Yup, well I had mine! hahahah here we go: (And no this is not at all an stretch of what happened. It was the worst possible thing ever. )

(Quintons Mom has deleted the story!! : )
Needless to say it is hilarious and totally embarrassing! I will let him retell it when he gets home! He likes to gross me out!!)

So that was my crazy story this week. Anyways other than that, yes, I got the letter you sent me today. So that was very good!

But all is well here. No news on the Visa or anything but the members feed us good. So that's nice. And of course I'm very thankful for it because when we don't have a dinner its the worst thing ever!

OH!!! Can you send me a band that says "CTR" on it? The 11 year old boy loves wearing those so I figure for his baptism I would give him a CTR one so try to send me one of those before the 17th!

Anyways... I liked getting the notes from Conner, money and Kellie and Morgan and Tyler those were good! Sounds like all is well at home.

Keep doing whats right, and be good.

Something I've found on my mission is that the Gospel really does bring true happiness.

Like sitting in church I've never really felt the Spirit until I got in the field. I thought people were crazy when they said they can feel it during church. But it's because I wasn't trying to listen or feel it.

If you seek it out you will find it! Literally ALL of sacrament meeting I sit there and pray and pray and pray for my investigators that are there that they will feel the Spirit and be touched.

And that's when I feel the spirit the most comforting me saying "Don't worry Quinton, I'm the Holy Ghost bro, I've got your back on this one".
Well, not in those words haha but same concept.


Love you all!

aka Elder Perkins

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