Tuesday, July 31, 2012

June 25 An Amazing Week! WOOT WOOT!

Well, first thing is first, we had transfers 2 days ago and I'm staying!   I'm still in good ole Santa Rosa with my comp so that good I suppose. haha   So that probably means that I'll be moved out the next transfer so that's something to look forward to but who knows.... maybe I'll be here forever! ha 

Anyway, this past week was amazing!  We had two baptisms!! WOOT WOOT! It was wonderful! 

We baptized E and J and mother and son ages about 55 for E and 21 for J.  They are great!  Ever since we started to teach J he has accepted everything, and has always been committed to be baptised and he loves church and everything.  E, on the other hand likes church a lot and loves our lessons but she would NEVER commit to the date to be baptised.  But we went ahead last Sunday and announced that E and J would be baptised that Saturday the 23rd of June.   When really only J was a for sure and she was looking like she wasn't.   BUT, I was praying that she would.  So on Tuesday we had a lesson with them, went very very good but she still wouldn't commit to a date.  Then Wednesday we had a lesson with her.  This time things were different!  E always reads the Book of Mormon and has had many many experiences feeling the Holy Ghost while she reads the Book of Mormon.  There really is power in reading the Book of Mormon and when doing so one just knows, through the Holy Ghost, that it is true.   So the whole lesson it was literally E vs. Elder Perkins haha everything I said she just spun to say  ¨yeah well we will see.... we will see if I get baptised¨ and that is not the answer I wanted or the Lord.   Thankfully the Lord is on my side :) haha  you could tell that she was just doubting the Spirit that she had felt and I knew in that moment that if I let her keep putting off a date to be baptized it would never happen.   Because when we don't have goals, Satan can work on us and things that we know we should do, we don't do cause we ¨have time¨and we wait.... Not sure why I felt like this in this moment but I just had this though and acted on it.   I cut her off from talking, the whole room just super quiet for a good 30 seconds (the silence felt like forever) and then I started just talking.  I was looking directly at her in the eyes and telling her that she knew the gospel was true, she knew Joseph Smith was a prophet, she knew that the Book of Mormon is a book of God, and I honestly don't remember what I said but I went on for a good 5 minutes, filling her with the Spirit.   It was the best! haha   Then I stopped talking and everyone in the room was looking at me. (E and J, Brother and Sister M, and my comp) and we sat there in silence for a good 30 second that felt like forever.   The whole time I'm just staring into her eyes.  Then I said this.... ¨E I know that you know its true.  You have felt the Spirit testifying to you that this is true.  E,  you need this for your life.¨  Then out no where the words came to my mouth and I just said  ¨Will you make the decision now, to be the example for your son, and be baptized with him in 3 days?¨  Then BAM!!!! the Spirit was super strong in the room and she looked back at me and was holding off tears and said, ¨Yes, I will do it.   Your right.¨   AHHHH!!!! HAHAHAH   I was sooo happy!    But remember this happened Wednesday so we had one day to teach them ALL commandments (Law of chasity, Tithing, Word of Wisdom, etc...) and then one day to do the interview and then their baptism the next day.   So then we went to their house the next day and we had a 2 hour lesson from 7 to 9 at night and taught them every commandment and they accepted every single one without a problem.   That NEVER HAPPENS!!   So then Friday they passed the interview and they both got baptised Saturday and received the Holy Ghost on Sunday! :)   

Ahhh, I loved it so much!   I was so grateful for the lesson that we had that one night.   The cool thing is the whole time I was talking the Spirit was super strong and working on her.  But that always happens.  She later told us (yesterday) that what made the difference was when I said ¨will you be baptised to be the EXAMPLE FOR YOUR SON¨.   Those key words ¨example for your son¨ she said touched her in such a way she couldn't say no and had to be baptised.   So it was wonderful!   

But the stressful part is the week before someone gets baptized something always bad happens that makes them doubt.   ALWAYS.   Because Satan is attacking them full force so they don't get baptised.   So I was looking super hard to find the thing, or answer the last doubt, basically just trying to protect them.   Then Friday night J told me that a girl invited him to Evangelico (Spelling?) rave that was of God and he wanted to go to it to be in the presence of God and this event was happening Saturday morning, the morning of the baptism.   So I looked at him and told him that this ¨rave thing¨ was not of God and was of the Devil and he could not go to it.   And then he said okay, didn't go and they got baptized!    

Long story short is was a very stressful but rewarding week.   We found them 20 days ago, we taught them everynight from 7 to 8 or 8:30 except 2 nights.  Then they got baptized.   Their lives have totally changed in 20 days, for the better.   It was just a testimony to me that the gospel is true and without the Spirit, we really can't teach, because without the Spirit I know I wouldn't have used those words and she wouldn't have been baptized.  

So all in all, I LOVE E and J and it was a wonderful week! :) 

Other than that, we had zone conference which was very good, President leaves this week and the new one comes this week so that is exciting.  We should have a another baptism in 13 days, and M and A are getting married in 2 weeks so they can get baptized!   WOOT! 

So all in all, the work is moving along very good.  Lets see.... not sure what else to say haha that was the highlight of the week.   

Hopefully y'all liked my pictures that I sent home last week.  I'm still awaiting your package but it should be here this Saturday.   

My spanish is very good. People have told me a lot this week that its getting very good.  I'm to the point where I can say what ever I want and they understand even though it's only 85 or 90 percent correct,the grammer.   But when it comes to normal stuff I can speak perfectly ha 

Lets see..... what else happened.... so far we have re-activated 2 families a total of 10 people so thats super exciting! :)   They are coming to church more so that's always super exciting! and yeah... 

all is well here... yes we have heat in our apartment. and as of right now I'm not gonna buy a bigger coat.  I make due with the coats I have.   And I normally wear a scarf and gloves and ear muffs which keep me nice and warm!   

Also i took out 90 dollars a while ago.... I took it out just to have money in case I needed to buy something.   I've only pulled money out once. 

That's crazy that happened to Conner and Ethan ha next time maybe they will learn not to be bad drivers ;) haha but everyone needs a good story to tell and I guess now Conner has his!  

The zone leaders are very good!  Elder Sanchez left yesterday he got transfered. Which stunk!   We were super tight and had lived together for 4 months just about so that was sad ha but Elder Garrision and me this past transfer have grown really close. We are pretty much a perfect pair haha he reminds me a lot of Avery so that's good. But lets be honest,.... No one can replace Avery haha he by far is better lol like no joke but Elder Garrision is like him. 

What happened to Ethen in the crash?   (Quinton is talking about an ATV accident with Ethan and Conner.) 

No, the Bishop and his family who is less active didn't come to church yesterday... but we had a good lesson with them last night so we will see if they had a change of heart now. I wont say what happened.... But I would put money on it they come to church this week :) haha anyways... hope all of y'all have a wonderful week!

Be good, love the gospel, read the srciptures, HELP THE MISSIONARYS!

With much Love
Elder Perkins :)

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