Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 23 The Mission Is The Best Thing In The World!

Well, here we are again... looking back every week goes so fast ha but
last week was a very tough week but who would want it any other way?

Last week we had the lowest numbers I've had since being here in
Argentina.  We only found 6 new investagtors, only taught 6 lessons,
and lots of other bad numbers but it all worked out good. I'll explain

Tuesday we had zone conference with the new President of the mission.
President ParreƑo and he is legit!!   I'm a very big fan.  He is from
Spain and super cool. And his wife is way fun and they are super excited
for the work and bring a lot of new good ideas.  So we had a super good
conference with him.   

One of the highlights that I really liked a lot
was in the Bible. Isaiah, Chapter 62 verse 1.   In Spanish it translates
to say ¨For the love of Zion we won't stop talking, for the love of
Jerusalem we wont rest¨  but in English I think the words are a tad
different and it's a lot better in English.  I love it!   It's so true, for
the love of the Lord and Zion I won't stop talking to people, I won't
rest until the work is done.   So that's a super cool scripture that the
President showed us and he talked a lot about our purpose as
missionaries.   So I loved the conference.   Then we had interviews with
him so that was good.   Then the rest of the week we went to work. We
dropped abou 10 investigators because they weren't progressing or we
couldn't find them and teach them so that stunk.  But that just means we
gotta find more. SATURDAY MORNING WAS GREAT!!!!

So there was a huge stake acivity with all the youth in the stake
about 150 and they did a missionary for 2 days. So Friday they all
had lots of activities and stuff, then Saturday morning all the
missionaries meet up with the youth, and we went on splits, one
missionary with 2 kids and we went out a literally flooded the area
and worked with them for 2 hours. It was super fun! haha First we
meet in a class room and we practiced contacting people and giving out
a Book of Mormon and cards of the church (for 30 mintues) and then we
went out and worked for a hour and 30ish minutes. So that was lots of
fun to work with the kids and get them excited about the work. Also, I
got to lead a group of about 11 kids and 3 other missionaries in
practices before so that was lots of fun. 

Funny story, the 2 boys I were with were super nervous and so I was like ¨okay I'll do the first few to show yall¨ and then I started.  The first guy I talked to was a
Minister and he started yelling at me and cursing me with the Bible.  The
second ignored me (but I still contacted her anyways haha she just
never responded) and the next person told me he didn't want anything.
Needless to say they were super down haha but then we went on and the
day started going a lot better and the kids got into it and we had a
lot of fun. So that was lots of fun to do. I enjoy very much working
with the kids and youth.

Then we worked the rest of that day, and Sunday we had 3 people in
church which was very good for having such a bad week teaching.  We are
baptizing a girl this Saturday named G (20 years old) and is
living with members.  So we are way excited for her.   And we should
baptize a family of 3 in 2 weeks so were excited for them!!   But yes,
the transfer is going to end and it's very very likely I will be
leaving but the goal is to baptise 5 before I go, so I'm pushing to get
it.   We will need a miracle to find someone else who already has
attended church but we are gonna do it!   There are 2 more weeks of the
transfer so we will see next Thursday if I stay or go.

...Something that it taught me was that no matter what happens, the best
defense is a solid testimony along with the Spirit.  Something I've
learned on the mission is when you are real bold with the people they
listen.   When you are bold they stop talking and the Spirit can testify
to them that our message is true.  

Basically the mission is the best thing in the world! I LOVE IT!

But I'm glad all is well with you guys. Sounds like you had a fun week
partying and such.   Good work to dad for losing 7 pounds. And looks
like Tennessee has a fair schedule and they might be able to pull off
some up sets and snag a good bowl game but who knows?   I'm a big fan of
Tyler Bray so we will see what happens.   They should still have a good
receiver or 2 right?   

And yes i can see all the pictures you send me
easy.   I tried to send you pictures last week but they didn't go through
so I'll send them again now.  I'll be expecting the package.  

And Nos Vamos!

Elder Perkins

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