Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 16 Another GUN story!!

Very good... well to start, lets see... yes I need lots more ties haha every time i baptize a man I give him a tie, and I have give some to people who don't have them, etc so some new ties would be wonderful, I'm down to about 7 ha and yes I still use that fancy tooth brush, and just suprise me in the package again ha for ties I like stripes. But send some of each. 
So this week was the best week I have probably had in the mission haha   That's a lie cause we didn't baptize anyone and every week just keeps getting better and better, but it was very good!   Lets see... where to start. So to start the week out, we had divisiones and I went to a different area (always a good thing to do so you can have a little break from your area) and I was with Elder Buzó.   He has 1 month in his mission and is from Argentina and doesn't know a lick of English.  At first I though it would be hard, but it wasn't hard to talk at all ha I always impress myself ;) haha But yeah so we had a really good day together, but the best part of the day was at night we had a lesson with a super good investigator that they have named L.   We had planned to teach about the plan of salvation, but he came in with a list of questions that were super indepth haha and elder buzó being so new didn't know how to respond so it was all on me haha so he asked questions like ¨how come only men have the priesthood?¨ ¨whats the policy on gays?¨ and lots more of real indepth questions about the temples and such.   So I answered all his questions and he still had his doubts.   So that's when I figured that he could ask me questions all day or I could just take over the lesson (which I enjoy to do) so I answered his last question, and then said ¨L, you can ask me questions all day, you can find research all day, but you will never know if the church is true (I think he is a lawyer).  So he looked at me with this look like he was amazed, and said, ¨No really?¨ ha and then I told him that he need to go home that night and ask God if the church was true.   But that he had to ask God with a specific quesiton if he wanted a specifc question.   So we ended the lesson and I didnt think more of it.   Then Sunday a member came up to me (the member that was the friend of L who is in my ward) and said "I have a story to tell you."   And he told me how when I said that, L was impacted by it, he went home and prayed that night and asked God the specific question if the church was true because he trust in me, that God would really answer his question. (Not sure why he trusted a 19 year old American boy haha but he did.)   Then the member told me how the man went and prayed and now he has a rock solid testimony that the church is true, Joseph Smith is a prophet, and the Book of Mormon is true.  So needless to say, I was content ha 

Then on Wedesday thru Friday, we had a normal day and worked hard hard hard. We taught lots, and found 2 new people everyday.  So that was very good. Then after that, we had Saturday which was a very good day too. Then Sunday (which is game day) because if people don't come to church we failed all week, but if they do we win. So church started and we had NO ONE in the church... is was horrible... BUT then 10 minutes late the Familia A walked into the church!   It was the best thing in the world. 
When they walked in (even though they werent investigators), is was great.   They loved the church so now we just gotta keep on them and get them reactivated.   So that was super good to see them come in. 

So now this week, we are going out and dropping cane on everyone about how they should of come to church haha the truth, is there are 3 weeks left in the transfer, and our goal is to have 6 baptisms... It's a big goal but we think we can do it.   Actually we know we can do it, we just gotta get to work!   haha anyways... Sunday night, we had a lesson with the Familia Q (a family we reactivated everyone a total of 4 but the dad still only comes everynow and then) and there oldest daughter (11 years old) drew me this picture of me and her standing in front of the church ha and she wrote on it a cute little thing. So that was a very nice reward to get from her! ha I enjoyed it. 

Basically all is going well here. I offically Love it!  haha   

Something I've learned is the kids here are the best in the world!   haha   I love them all!   I have started carrying a little ball around with me to throw to the kids (ages 13 to 4) and they throw it back and then we keep walking but they think it's the coolest thing in the world and get so excited!  haha Its funny. And they always run up to me and just stare at me and wait for me to talk to them and do our handshake.   I do a little hand shake with the kids, the same one everytime, but boy do they love it haha so that's always fun. 

OH! So i told you how last week a guy pulled a gun on us, well it happened again! ha We have a super poor area (and that's where it always happens) and we were looking for a person and a guy came up to us with his friend and were asking us for money and our coats and shoes, etc.   Me I just started to contact them.   ¨Hey there how are you?  How old are you?  Can i give you a card, we would love to share a message with you... etc¨ and they were super caught off guard, but my comp was like "just search me i dont have anything", (but I knew he had like 80 pesos in his pocket and if they did search him they would of flipped and searched us both and robbed everything!)   So I keep cutting him off and then I kind of step in front of him so he stops talking and they can only talk to me, and keep talking about the gospel.   Then the guy says ¨if I pull out my gun will that change how much money you have?¨ and I said ¨if I give you a card will you let us come by and teach you about Christ?¨  haha and then they were like no... and then they left... ha Needless to say, we live a wild life style down here but its the best! 

Also something funny here is the people love the name ¨Perkins¨. haha the members love coming up to me and saying ¨Elder Perkins... Perkins... Perkins hahaha its funny. Even when there walking away there still saying it. The members are super cool and we have a good relationship. 

The winter season is here in Argentina. It's getting pretty cold, but I keep warm in the street with my big big jacket and scarf and gloves.  So I do just fine. The worst part is waking up in a freezing cold house because of warming thingys died of the flame blew out haha but that's a daily thing.  But what can you do? ha 

anway... the work down here is going good.  People just need to come to church!  But this week they are coming. I'm taking away the choice to choose haha there coming ;) haha jk I wish I could do that.
But good I'm glad all is well at the house.   

Tell My Aunt Elaine that I say "hi and love you."  
But very good, keep doing good. 

Tell Dad that if he doesn't want to be hungry when he goes to jog, he can buy a protien shake mix, and drink that when he gets back from jogging, so he burns the fat into muscle (sp?) and he will lose wieght fast that way if he buys a weight cutting one and it will fill him and it will be his breakfast. They only cost like 40 dollars for a TON! 

But good, be good and find people for the missionarys to teach! THEY NEED HELP! Every week you should give them a reference of someone to go see. You could be suprised, when a member gives us a name, we have about a 70 percent rate they accept us and let us teach them. SO DO IT! you´ll be amazed how many of your friends will accept. do it!

Love you all!
Elder Perkins 

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