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June 11, 2012

Monday, June 11, 2012

Well, sounds like lots is going on in Colorado. 

As well things are getting pretty wild here in Argentina as always! ha I feel like there is never a normal day here, which makes it all that much better!

I'm glad that y'all have my camera, send me the charger and everything and I'll hold on to it. Yes,  the pictures will be much needed. EVERYONE wants to see pictures. I don't know if they just want to see America but every missionary carrys around photos of their family to show people. You can ask Tyler if he did the same.  Very, good I'll search the whole box and make sure to find everything. Normally about 3 weeks to get packages. its not to bad at all. so that's exciting.

hahah, a wal-mart here in Argentina haha that was funny.  No, there is no Walmart but there is a store that's like Walmart where we do all of our food shopping.  Its cool cause we really only buy food and personal items.  Everything else we could possibly need we can order through the mission home and they send us stuff.  So that's a nice luxury.  Its like a mini room service haha 

Anyway, that's exciting that Kellie is going off to college now and everything. It's a whole new life style and what not.  It's the best!     Tell Tyler to take good care of my car.  In reality, I sold the other one and found that one and bought it... so yeah it's mine and I'll be expecting it when i get back :) 

Let see what else.... that's a bummer about __ and all.   Super sad.  Its true though, one bad choice that ___ made a long time ago has caused this big problem.  I see that all the time here in Argentina.   14 year old girls pregnant, and things like that all lead back to one bad choice.   Moral of this, don't make the wrong choice.   Follow God :) 

That's cool Kellie got her blessing done. Those are always super cool cause it's literally God talking to us!  So you know its gonna be good. 
WOW OKC in the finals.  Lets hope OKC beats them in 4. I hope Lebron never wins. Never. And if Boston can take them to 7 games, OKC should be able to beat them pretty good.  

And no, I haven't heard any new news about the new mission president.  So that will be cool to have him here. Thats very good that yall went to the baptism!!!  SUPPORT THE MISSIONARYS!!!!   That's the way to be happy. Even you can only do it once a week, but I guarantee you that if Dad and Conner go to the missionary's and say ¨hey elders, on this night we can help y'all with appointments they would be thrilled!!!¨  We are always looking for members to help. So get involved. Its really the best work in the world, so why not get involved with it? So try to do that each week. Find a time night where y'all can help out the elders and they will love it. They could bring investigators to our house, or y'all could go with them. Anything! Just do it!
Now, as for my week ha it was a very long, lots of walking, cold freezing, wet, cold cold week. Let's see to update y'all on people. The work is good.  We are on track to have 3 baptisms in 2 weeks so that's super good. Ellos se llamen J y E (a mother and son) and N  (an old lady that has 50ish years). J and E love the church and the Book of Mormon. There so great! and super ready!  When we go to their house they normally cook us like small steaks and they are the best meat I have ever had in my life!   I love it!   They read the Book of Mormon and the chapters we give them, there still a little shy about praying but they are getting there!   N  is the best.  I love her!!!   She has nothing. She has no food, no heat for her house (and therefore she freezes all night because her house is little tin sheets of metal and bricks. sad! and she has health issues and I feel so bad for her BUT she is the most happy kind loving person in the world.  She always calls me ¨mi hijo¨ and is always so happy to see us and its the best!   She understands that she needs to be baptised and really wants to do it, so that's exciting.   We are hoping the Bishop can get involved and can get her some gas to the stove to heat the house and some food. To heat the houses here they just light all 4 burners on the stove (and they are little dinker stoves) and then they wait till the house heats up. Cool huh?!?! 

M and A should have their baby within hours. Yesterday was her due date and she is big and ready so were excited to get them married after and baptised!   The other investigators are a problem and are struggling to keep commitments but we are still working with them. 

OH!  We found a man named M and he's tight! hahaha He´s 8th generation Catholic and they have NEVER in 50 years of his life talked to missionarys of other churches. But for sure reason he felt good when we found him and he let us come to his house to teach him.  He really liked our message and he's super excited to read the Book of Mormon. He didn't come to church which made me mad ha so were gonna go see him tomorrow.

I love the Bible!  It's the best. I have studied it a lot lately (probably 15 minutes each day) and it's great. So lately I've been dropping it hard on people. 

I want to give a shout out to Carson Telford and Taylor Telford for writing me!! WOOT! haha I'll be writing them back shortly next week.
But yeah all is well,
Love you all!
Elder Perkins :)

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