Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 9 A GUN!

Well my family, things here in Argentina are very good!   I love it here.   Lets see, this week has been a good one. Nothing really happen out of the ordinary.   Just same old Argentina and for some reason the delete key on my keyboard isn't working so if there is a lot of mis-spelled words I guess you will all understand haha so lets see... 

We have been having lots of problems getting people to come to church... I'm not sure why like at first it was tough to get them there but now its just flipping hard! haha
I hate it because the people need to go! But were working on it! 

So lets see this week we have been finding a lot of good people and we have found 2 families that are listening to us right now.  Neither of them went to church but we knew they wouldn't cause they were both leaving town cause today (Monday) is a holiday down here and all the colleges and schools have the next like 3 or 4 weeks off so people are being super lazy right now... blehh I don't like lazy people... ha but were working to combat it. 

But really I'm not sure what to write because everything is just super normal down here. hmmm where to start. The weather down here is starting to get cold. For some reason it's been super hot and we haven't had to wear anything more than a scarf and a coat (like a light jacket)  BUT now it's starting to get super cold!   I don't know what happened but wow it's freezing now,  I guess that's the biggest thing that has changed.   That's not good cause now there are more people inside and not in the streets so its harder to contact people, hard to stand out side and talk to people cause their super cold and want to go inside. Needless to say it's much better warm, but that okay, I guess we just have to find a new way to talk to people ha 

What else has happened.... to be honest nothing really. The Spanish is coming along very well so that's good.   I don't have much to comment on cause yeah its just a normal week.   Well, I'm glad that you are using my letters to help people in your Deacons quorum, hopefully they liked it and learned something haha 

OH! so last night (Sunday night) we weren't having success all day and it was a super downer cause we couldn't teach or find anyone!  BUT!  My comp had the idea to go see someone who is the brother of a member that they had seen the night before on divisiones. He told them he wouldn't read the Book of Mormon and wouldn't accept a date to be baptised.  (We have to commit everyone on the first lesson, not sure if Tyler had to do the same, but here it's like a commandment that President gave us).   So we went to his house and he let us in and we talked for a minute and then we just started into the lesson after a prayer.   And this man is super tough!   Like he has been talking with missionarys for the past like 4 years or so, so he knows what's up.   Anyway, we started explaining the Apostasy (not sure how you spell it in english) but I explained it super well to him.  And then I asked if he understood he repeated it all back to me in his words and it was perfect.  He said ¨so like after Christ died and the 12 Apostles, the church fell and men formed churches but they weren't the church of God cause they didn't have a prophet or the priesthood¨   I was like ¨YES!!!¨ haha so then my comp went into the Joseph Smith story and he understood it and he said he´ll read and pray and then we commited him to baptism.   So we will see if he does anything with it, but it was a super good lesson. He´s a super cool fun guy so that was good.  

Lets see... what let's happened this week.  

OH!! haha mom will love this one... so we were walking down the street Friday and all the youth (ages 14-20) are always hanging out in the street.  So as we walked by them 2 guys cut us off and started asking us if we ¨paid the toll¨ yet and my comp
made a joke  and he said "yeah we did like back there" (and pointed down the road). Then one guy said ¨you think your funny?¨ and then out of no where whipped out a gun haha and started waving it around and kept saying ¨you think I'm kidding huh?¨ it was super wildd!!   I got this like instant jump of energy and I was thinking ¨oh boy, my comp is gonna die I gotta do something!¨    So I wait to see what happens cause he hadn't pointed it at my comp directly he was just waving it around so in my head I came to the conclusion that I wouldn't do anything until he pointed it actually at my comp.   Then, he just said some mean words and put it away and then he left.   It was WILD!!   Let's just say that I'm glad to be alive ha so that was something that happened that was fun. 

Tyler and Conner will enjoy that story and Dad haha 

Lets see... I don't know what else... Everyone down here is good.  The new camera is great!   It takes very good pictures so I'll be sending some home tomorrow, well not tomorrow but next week. hmm what else... that's about it ha but yeah all is well with me down here. Hopefully all is well with the kids and yall. 

Be good and have fun! 
Elder Perkins!


so i have a little bit more time so I  figure I'll write some more about what happened this week... we have the new Mission President but I haven't heard anything new about him other than he has a TON of excitment and he is ready for the work which is very good cause there is a lot of work to be done down here!  In our ward we have about 40 members each week and we have a ward roster of about 250 or a little more. That is not a very good percent!   so... needless to say in just that aspect there is work to be down.   We run into people ALL the time that say ¨yeah I was baptized in the church¨  it's very common 

also.. so yeah... but I'm proud to say that all my converts are still active, but we will see what happens when I leave!   Cause that's when they normally go inactive cause ¨their missionary¨ left... but that better not happen! haha 
This transfer we have the goal to get 5 baptisms are we should be able to do it! We have 1 guaranteed but that's just not good enough.  We need 5 guaranteed! haha but yeah thats all for now! So i just found out my delete key really does work.... after I've been finding ways to work around it for the past 45 minutes... haha but yeah... all is well here, have a wonderful in party land (kids and mom) and me and dad will keep working and doing what we gotta do haha

Elder Perkins!

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