Tuesday, July 31, 2012

June 18, 2012 The Best Day Ever!!!

Well, is was good getting y'alls letter this week.  Lots has happened so I'll start off by telling you what happened this week. It's been very good!  So we´ll start with the most important thing, BAPTISMS!!!! haha 

We will be having 2 baptisms this Saturday for E and J!   WOOT!!  They are super good haha so it's been wild with them.  We found them Saturday and they went to church that next day. (church attendence number 1) (they need 3 to get baptised minimum.)   Then we saw them everyday that next week but they missed church because they were out of town. (still with one attendence). Then we decided they were ready and didn't need to wait till they had visited the church 3 times.  So we decide to take action and ask the Bishop if we can baptism them early. (this was 4 days ago before church).  So he said yes if they come to church that Sunday (yesterday).   So we had still been seeing them everyday, and they came to church so now we are in a mad scramble to teach them all the commandments, get them excited to be baptised and do all the service stuff and announce it and lots lots more haha so needless to say they are our project this week. But they are super cool. We found them clapping doors down here. (rather than knock on doors here you just stand outside and clap). They have been super golden. They have read there scriptures everynight and they have prayed. And they already have a testimony of the Book of Mormon. 

It's super cool how when you actually do it, you will always receive the answer. 

J told us when he reads it he feels ¨something¨ in his heart, aka the Spirit, and he just feels that its true! :) yayayayayaya! so thats cool. Then, 5 nights ago, E prayed for the first time in her life out loud with us (yes it took a lot of convincing, and she's about 55) and she broke down in tears in the middle of the prayer, and the Spirit just hit everyone in the room like a brick wall.  It was there and no one in that room could deny it.  So she realized that and here we are. They are getting baptized on the 23rd! :) 2 days after my 6th month party haha and yes I'm gonna be sticking to the missionary tradition and burning a tie WOOT WOOT!

Lets see.... a lot of our other people have hit brick walls and aren't progressing so that's a bummer. So we are about to drop all of them, that's never fun. Saturday night (2 days ago) we had a taco party with E and J and we cooked them tacos (they had never had them before) and milkshakes haha so they really liked that and so did we. 

If I have time I'm gonna send photos home!  I have a battery. long story but yeah... so I'll be doing that if there is time. 

TODAY WAS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!   First we had our 2 hours of study, then we went to the ¨Island of the Children¨ haha best thing ever!   We took lots of photos but I'll send them home. We took lots of pics and yeah it was way fun.  Then we bought food, I wrote a letter to Mollie, then cleaned the house, and then we left to come here.  It was a bummer we couldn't sleep today but it was worth it.  We went to the Island of Children with the Zone Leaders and had a very good time. There was a giant turtle and a castle and lots more.   Probably best park in the world haha   

Also this past week we have been doing a lot with the Inactive people. We have targeted 4 families and they will come back to church.  They don't really have an option... ha that's what I've decided.   One family ¨la familia A¨ are super good.   They felt the spirit, and we set up a plan for them to read the Book of Mormon everynight together as a family and to go to church this Sunday. So that was good.

Then another family ¨la familia S¨ we saw them 4 days ago.   We had a good lesson with them and they came to church yesterday for the first time in a while and they have a plan now to read every night from the Book of Mormon, have family prayer, and go to church. So that was very good to see them in church again. Its always very rewarding seeing them come back to church. those are a few of the families we are working with now. and yeah. I love it here as always! :) it really is the best place in the world. 

This past week sooooo many things have gone wrong, so many you can't even number it, but it really doesnt matter. It's been one of the best weeks to see J and E progress, to see the families come back to church, and other things. The gospel really does bring happiness to families.... if only the rest of my area would just trust us and let us in their houses!!! Haha but oh well.... i guess everything cant be perfect. 

Recently its been super cold here! Burrrrr!  Last night we found a family with 8 kids, 5 can be baptised, and there sooo cool!!!  haha we talked with them outside last night for half an hour or so, and they would just look at me and be so amazed at everything I said,  They were all excited that we were there. (Other elders had found them a year ago, but not sure what happened). So they were all happy I we were there, and it was so perfect haha they all like ran up to me and started giving me hugs and then after they just stared at me while I was asking them questions and talking about church. There sooo cool!! haha they´ve attended church 12 times so were gonna baptise them in a few weeks.  So that's super good!   

So as of right now, all is going well.  I'm still awaiting the package and everything so yeah! ha all is well! Off to attach pictures!

Elder Perkins
p.s. dang it hopefully OKC can pull out the next few games to get up in the series. thanks!

oh mother... I'm still awaiting your package but it should be here within a week or 2 so that's good. 
Also my Spanish has gotten very good lately.  During the lessons I can pretty much say whatever things I want.   The bishop gave me the job to teach the new member class every Sunday and that has really helped. Cause I have to teach for an hour and yeah it's fun.  We have a really good class actually.  I draw pictures and get all into it and when I don't know a word in Spanish I just make it into a joke and the people love it!  haha thats the key to success. TURN IT ALL INTO JOKES :) HAHA

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