Sunday, March 11, 2012

VISA came through! On my way to Argentina


its bitter sweet because i don't want to leave the people here but that's okay.

I'm flying out of Missouri Friday morning, so today at 4 (Wednesday) I'm driving up there and will stay with President for the last day till I fly out. SO ITS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU POST MY ADDRESS FOR ARGENTINA ON FB AND MY BLOG! I'm telling everyone to look for it today that way they can send stuff there rather than to me here.   So here's some things
1. My address for the mission home should be in the book that came with my mission call. If not there look it up or call the MTC and they can give it to you and post that on FB and my blog today please!!
2. I'm giving my comp some stamps and an envelope so that way any mail that comes to me after I'm gone he can mail it home to you, and then you can take it and forward it to me. so be looking for that!
Love you very much, thanks for all that you do! 

And ill be calling you Friday morning from the airport, and possibly tomorrow night if President lets me or something. 

Love you!
Don't forget about the address! 


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