Monday, March 12, 2012

Santa Rosa Argentina

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So I forgot to bring my address to give to you but all mail we get goes to the mission home.  So.... if you know that address(possibly in my mission book) put it up on stuff. 

Argentina wow.. .haha boy it is very crazy here. Dogs everywhere! I cant believe it haha but they don't bother anyone so that's good. I wouldn't want to kill a dog!  

I got bit by something while I was sleeping and my hand is like 3 times the size, kinda cool but weird.   So lets hope it goes away fast!  

The people drive here like.... I don't even know what but its an experience haha they just hit the gas, and honk.  And I mean, wow, I don't even know how to explain it.  The lines on the road, stop signs, signs, or anything else doesn't matter. All that matters is what the driver decides he wants to do haha crazy cray crazy!  But I love it. 

We don't have much time today, we have stuff to do but I like it here lots! I will give more details next time. 

But my comp is Elder Washburn and I like him a lot! I don't understand anything, and I had to give a talk in church my first Sunday here, way crazy!! 

But the people are so sweet!  Like I've never seen anything like it. They are an amazing group of people. So nice and kind and I love them!  anyways... 

OH! and they eat weird here.  So thats different.  Like different times of the day! 
I have to email President so I'll write more next week. 

Love you all, try to put my address on the blog or Facebook but probably both if you have it. If not ill give it to you next week.

Elder Perkins!

Okay so a tad more... ummm my Spanish is not very good haha I mean I can talk and all but its very tough to understand

Tell everyone I said hi. 

I went to a ward members house and they fed us spaghetti and wow it destroys all American stuff haha sooo goood. I love the food here its way good. And no tomatoes so far!! woot woot! 

Well,  lets hope I don't swell up and die from it haha but I love Argentina! we had to wash our clothes here and we have these neat little washer machines and yeah way weird. And we have no dryer and it just like shakes the water out of the clothes but its fun!

I like speaking Spanish it's very fun.  I cant do it very well but everyone tells me I can speak good. The problem isnt speaking cause I can spit out enough so they understand me, the problem is understanding!   haha 
When I listen to people talk that are natives I understand nothing haha its bad. But its fun.  Its like a game to see if I can understand.  So yeah. Very interesting! But yeah I like it here lots!!! All is well in Zion. 

I live in a nice house, your gonna have to combined all these emails together, but my house is nice. Its so hot!  I literally sweat 24/7!!!   It's crazy!   Like I'm always sticky and yeah it's gross!    But its sooo hot!   so that's also fun to deal with  but its better than cold!   I love it here!!!

ha oh mom, we have no money for fans... but good thought! And no`plugs near our bed for the fan lol 

of course it was all Spanish!!! the people here don't know English lol your funny. And testimony/my choice, it was fun! 

No, my comp is the District leader and we live with the zone leaders. So I learn lots and they teach me and we all get along very well so that's good. No I can't say an English word when I don't know the word in Spanish. Then I look dumb and the people don't like it.  So no, I just try to talk around it, or make up a word hahaha my comp is way cool though.   We are doing good work here. 

(I then asked him, what city in Argentina he was sent to...)
Santa Rosa, it's a cool area. Very neat place!

Elder Perkins

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