Tuesday, March 20, 2012

When In Argentina...

No, I didn't stay at the mission home and I haven't meet the president yet lol but I will Wednesday because we have zone conference ha when I got here he was off on a trip doing something or something so idk.

Its a good 50/50 split with natives and Americans so that's fun. Yes, my comp is an American and I like him. We get along well. 

Tell mom I didn't serve with that elder, sorry. The only elder did but I know of her son. I ate lunch with him the first day there.

Argentina... wow, its crazy!   But that's good that yall got to do a fun trip in Denver recently. But yeah Argentina is great. 

We have a good size teaching pool that were working with. A big problem here is people don't get married.  They just live together so not only do we have to get them baptised we also have to get them married which is a whole different ball game to play ha but its fun. 

Living conditions are very different here. I live in probably one of the nicer houses in the area, but compared to America it would be looked at as a poorererer house. 

Next week I'll upload and send pictures on the computer of the area and the house. 

But my Spanish is getting better. I mean I cant speak very good at all ha but i can get my point across and the natives are way cool people.  They are always so nice and help me, its funny.

umm... what else to tell you. We have a baptism this Saturday so that's exciting!

My address is this so post this on my thing....
Elder Quinton Perkins
Misión Argentina Bahía Blanca
(8000) Bahía Blanca
Buenos Aires
ummm lets see what else... Oh they do a thing here call a besa where the girls like kiss you on the cheek haha that was way weird the first time it happened cause I didn't know what to do! haha but most members know we cant do it we can only shake hands so members don't do it much but nonmembers or contacts do it haha and yeah its different.   It's weird when like girls in there 20´s or teens do it though. but oh well when in Argentina do as they do. But i try to stick out my hand first so they cant do it.  

i like it here! The work is going so yeah that's good. All is well love y'all!

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