Monday, May 7, 2012


Well,  we have a problem.... so my computer shut down and I lost the
whole email I sent to you.... so I have a few mintues till 6 so here's
the important stuff.  

I love the bball highlights keep them coming.  All is well.  Work is very good.
For mothers day, still not sure on a time that we are going to skype you.
But it will be around 7pm my time.  During the week I'll try to email
you when we have an exact time.  If not be on around 7pm my time.
Search C L (lives in Argentina, La Pampa, Santa Rosa and she has a picture of
her. About 22 and black hair.)
She can speak English so during the week when you add her do a test
call and just skype her and she will make sure all the kinks are worked out. 

SO add her today!)

Also, everything is well Im loving it here. Sorry about the computer.
But I get to email for free now so that's a bonus! ha not really sorry.
No, I haven't used any personal money yet.  

All is well with me! 

Love you!

Okay, I have 7 minutes left so I'll try to type as fast as I can. 
All is well here. I love it! 
My spanish is coming good but I'll be able to talk to you in Spanish when you call on Skype this week. 

Thats way cool all the kids are out of school soon. That's super sad about the
xxx family, they are a super good family and yeah... way sad. Try to help
them out if you can!  

All day I spend helping people who have ruined their lives by cheating, drugs, sex, beer, and all the things you can possibly think of.  Its very rewarding helping people. 

Few funny things:
1) I spilt boiling water on my foot ( I just am used to it haha)
2) We recorded a super funny video I'll send to you next week with the
baptism pictures
3) Kids tried to force us in there car and drink with them haha super
funny but they stopped when I offered them Jesus cards and such haha
4) We are planning a super party for 2 wards for investigators and
members and its gonne be sweet!
5) I'm in ARGENTINA! WOOT WOOT! haha

But yeah all is well. 

Make sure you add the girl on Skype I'm excited to talk to yall.
It will be fun. But all is well. We had a very very good week.  We found lots of new investigators (9) and taught about 22 lessons and yeah lots of other good numbers. 

All is well.  I'll get a new comp next week so thats exciting! I wonder who it will be!! haha

Anyways, love y'all!

Elder Perkins!

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