Monday, May 7, 2012


Well, that looks like y'all have a fun weekend! but next time 5 or 6 pictures will do just fine haha no need to send 30. But anyways, that's very good, I'm glad they finally got married. I mean, I did call the whole thing from before they were even dating but hey... I'm not one to brag. haha 

All is well here in Argentina.  

No, I don't use that liner, much to hot, but I'm sure when it gets colder I'll use it. Hopefully you've sent me that package with goodies! ha anyways, no, Argentina is good here. Spanish is going good, and yeah. 

This past Saturday we had the baptism of BIBIANA!!! YAY!!! that's how its spelt but in English  its Viviana but it's the same way to say it out loud in Spanish. So that was super good!!!!  Yes, all 3 of her daughters went to the baptism so this week were attacking and hopefully we can start to teach them the lessons. 

The work is starting to build. We are increasing our teaching pool and doing some good work. We have been using a few new tactics to talk to people and they are  working.   Every time we talk to someone we teach only the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith.  That way its quick, keeps their interest, and its been working so were sticking to it! haha   Another fun thing is like half our contacts we ¨contact to baptize¨ lol so like for an example, we are walking down the street and we start talking to a lady and refer everything to baptism and then once we have a return visit at their house we extend the baptism commitment right there haha its super good! 

Yesterday we sacked 3 dates of baptism with people. It's a very good way to weed out the ones who aren't ready. So we have high hopes for this week! Yes the torta fritas are suppppper good!  I love them! haha and we just cook lots of stuff like pastas, and uhhhh other Argentine food.  Nothing to crazy but it's good still. 

But back to the baptism it was very good and I loved it!  It's cool to feel the Spirit. SUPA! 

Yeah, 2 weeks ago we had interviews so that was good. And since I live with the zone leaders we spent a few hours with him (Mission President) also. So yeah we have chatted haha he doesn't speak English but its cool.  Its weird, like I'll be talking with latins or the people of Argentina and then in my mind think ¨wow this is weird haha I cant speak spanish¨ and somehow I can lol SUPA!
Recently it has been super cold haha like rain and just cold! Although today and yesterday its been sunny which has been nice to work in. But you can for sure tell that the Winter is here in Argentina! ha so that's good. 

Lets see what else has happened.  Yesterday I played in church again that piano so that was good, I don't like doing it very much but I put on my happy face and do it haha that's what a lot of people tell me here. That I'm always happy and smiling lol but you know, when you are confused, don't understand, and its really awkward, all you know how to do is smile :) hahahahaha 

Yesterday we helped a less active out.  He's struggling big time.  He has everything set up to hang himself, super sad but we worked with him for a while yesterday and slowly but surely we were changing his mind. So he's a special project. Tonight were going to drop some cane on a few investigators haha because there not progressing.  Tyler can fill you in about that, its not fun, but it needs to be done lots.
But yeah, the work here is all good.  I got a super sweet soccer jersey and it was free! woot woot!  

Lets see what else would you guys like to know... I probably leave a lot of stuff out like small details but to me it's just everyday life now ha so sorry. hmmm.... not sure. I'm gonna go email president and then if I think of more, I will send another quick one! CHOW!
Elder Perkins
P.S. for Janine, your Spanish is flawless and wonderful, I wouldn't change a thing! haha glad to hear all is well with you.  Maybe one day I'll get a letter together send it to you.  Or better yet, you send me one with your address? Yeah? I like that idea mucho meyor! (much better ;) )
Oh and for skyping you next week, not sure the day or when its gonna go down, but next week in the email I'll narrow down a specific time when I will call you and let you know. CHOW!

So I thought of some other things, this week me and my comp went to a small town about an hour away called Anguil and boy it was sad.   I mean it looks like a war went through the town and now people live in the ruines of it with sticks and tarps, and a few cement walls.  Super sad, but it was good. We went there to help the elders out in that area (it's a new area). So that was fun this week.

I like being with other missionarys it's like a brother hood that only RM´s and Missionaries would understand haha

Kellie looks very good in her pictures, very cute pictures. 

Conner can drive?!? wow there pony.... tell that chicken little rat biscut to hold his horses haha but jk thats super cool. He can drive my thug car any day he wants. As long as he is nice to MY explorer that I FOUND and I BOUGHT! haha anyways... thats all. 

Tell grandma and grandpa I love them too!

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