Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A New Companion and a Sleepless Night

Well, I just talked to you yesterday so I'm not sure what to write in this email but I suppose that I´ll type one out to y'all anyways haha it was very good to hear and see all of y'all.  Y'all look good too!  HA still all look the same, but that's not a bad thing ;) 

But as you already know life here in Argentina is good. I have a new comp named Elder Koebin or some weird spelling haha but he seems good. We picked him up yesterday so I'll be with him this transfer in the same area. So that will be fun. Change is always good, but I liked having Elder Washburn as a comp. 

Yes it was very good that you guys were still on and Elder Washburns family and y'all could talk so he could get to talk to them yesterday. 

The Loza family is great I like them alot!  They loved talking to y'all and meeting y'all and they told me they want to call and talk to you and Morgan again haha the mom (Hermana Loza) and the daughter can both speak pretty good English so y'all can enjoy that haha I told them Morgan will enjoying calling them a lot haha but yeah.... hmmmm what else. 

Yesterday I was up all night with the Zone leader going back and forth from the house to the terminal ha because the zone leaders have to take everyone to the terminal and stuff and his comp had left, and mine so we were comps so that made for a really really long night. And we already don't get that much sleep so losing more sleep has been wild today! haha and today we haven't had anytime to sleep so that was a bummer.  We were to busy cleaning, writing letters, eating, buying stuff, and yeah.. so yeah very busy last 2 days. 

I'm off to email president so if I have left over time I'll shoot y'all another email!
Love ya!
Elder Perkins!

Lets see I have a few more minutes.... what do you want to know? I don't know what I can ask you haha 

OH!   The housing, no the houses here is very different.  Tiny ruin down houses. They all are just cement walls, tin roofs, with a stove and table and beds. Everything is very run down and bad in my area. But the Loza live in the one nice part of the area. There house is very nice compared to the others and its more like an actual house in America. 
ummm..... yeah all is well 


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