Monday, May 28, 2012

The Power of the Priesthood

So once again the computer deleted my long email to you but I have some
time so here we go. Ill start typing fast. All is well here! That's
cool that all is well at home and Tyler sent me a note and it's good all
is well with him! 

Yes tell Conner to get on that project, its super
cool, and you jump up in respect when you can say you are an Eagle Scout.
Like for example the management at Lowes really liked the fact I was an
Eagle Scout and because of it they trusted me more than the other
employees who had worked there a lot longer than me. So its true,
people respect the eagle! haha 

I lost my camera charger I think its in
the states. SO if you want you could send me a new camera (I need a
new one anyways because the one I have is cheap and very picture I
take is blurry) so I'm gonna send it home you y'all can buy a new
charger for it and yall can use it.  Good luck.  SO a camera would be
good! BUT when you send anything expensive, put it like in a cereal box
and close the box and then put it in the package so when immigration
goes through it (they do a visual check) they wont steal it.  It's what
the other Elders do and when they don't there are issues. haha but
yeah... but all is well. 

The work is super good. The next week we are
gonna start having baptisms!!  WOOT!!!  This first half  of the transfer
is like a rebuilding stage and the end of this transfer and into next
we will be baptizing!  So thats super good!!! im excitied>!!!

ummm what else is new.  Lots of crazy stuff happen but everything just seems so
normal.   I had a snickers bar today.. cost me 5 pesos but wow!  SO
sooo good haha like a dream come true.  So that was great!  

I've learned you need to learn to baptism... like some missionaries can have perfect worthiness but you must learn to baptise.  By being bold, if you are bold you show a real love for the people cause that's how they change, is when you are bold. So
I'm super bold at times.  When I see kids smoking we contact them and
take there cigs hahaha super good. Normally they give them to me. Then
we just turn the corner and break them. So that's good. But when you are
bold people respect you and the Spirit testifies and then they do it
haha super cool. but yeah.... ummmm all is well though.

So last week I casted a demon out of a guy.  Never in my life have I had such an experience. So I'll explain it and you can put this on m blog its super cool. So we had a
very weird day all day like we have 5 lessons set up and they all fell
through.... they never do that. They were all super solid. So it was
weird.  Then, at 7 we got a call from the Zone Leaders that we had to go
give a less active member of the church a blessing of comfort.  So we
went (since we had nothing to do that was set) right then.  We got to
the house and just standing outside of it you could tell something was
super wrong, like the Spirit was flashing red flags like be careful.
We are out in the middle of the country just about so it was only
that house around. So we knocked and the man let us in and was acting
way weird. And his house was super dirty and felt bad. Just a super bad
feeling. Not a normal house or not just a bad house. Like a super
bad house. Not sure how to explain it.  So the man started telling us
all his problems and was acting way weird but he kept saying I need a
blessing to help me.  So we asked who he wanted to give the blessing
and he pointed very suddenly and sharp and all jumpy.  So I gave
him the blessing and during the blessing I don't even remember what I
said but you could feel like a peace come over the whole house during
the blessing and everything was good.  Then right when I said ¨amen´
it changed.  And this time it felt like there was literally something in
the house with us, not sure how to say it but I knew without a doubt
that we could no longer be in the house.  At that moment I knew there
were bad spirits in that house that either came out of the man (due to
the blessing) or some other way. And the man kept saying after the
blessing I feel much better. But the house was super bad now. So we
left super fast, walk 40 minutes home talking about it and when got
home and I realized I left the keys in his house.  So long story short,
we called the Bishop and he went with us back to get the keys but the
house had a much more peaceful feel and the Bishop later went back
with the ward and blessed the house after he heard about the story.
SUPER LOCO!!!  But way good experience and it shows the power of the

So yeah... i have to email pres, so if I have time I'll
write more.  But yeah... love ya!!


love yall!!!


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