Monday, May 28, 2012

Rice and Water!

May 21, 2012

So, I guess if you say a picture is worth a thousands words then you sent a good sized letter... ha just kidding but that's way cool that Kellie finally graduated I can remember that day and walking around the track with all the bros and yeah it was a good day. 

But the best is yet to come. College is where its at haha I loved college so that's exciting that Kellie will get to go to college soon. 

Tell Conner he´s got 2 more years unless he decides to do the same thing that Kellie is doing. That would be the smart thing.  Looks like I'll be the only kid to not graduate from school early ha I always was the special one.   :)   

Anyways.... everything down here in Argentina is well!  The work is going good.  I have a new comp now, Elder Koeven, from Utah.  Last week was a good one.  We found 10 new investigators, we had 12 baptism dates, taught lots of lessons, and all seems to be going well. The end of this transfer we should have 4 or 5 baptisms! Woot Woot! so pray for the people haha we will need it! 

Lets see, all is well though. Today is my 5 month mark in the Mission! cray huh?!? To think I've been gone for 5 months is wild.  But,  the time sure does go by quite fast and rapido!  

This week has been interesting!  I almost punched out a drunk guy haha funny story. So we were walking home and a guy runs up to me and says ¨I have a friend that wants to talk to you¨ so we went into a house with 6 or 7 drunk guys lol watching soccer. And this guy ( to make a long story short) gets up in my face and start yelling at my in Spanish.  And I don't understand the guy so I'm just saying ¨hola como anda?¨ haha which is just like hi how are you. And then I keep trying to talk and he starts getting all wild and boy it was intense haha then my comp grabbed me and started to pull me back cause as this point we were inches away and then we just turned and walked away and was shaking his fist at me haha pretty funny. 

What else happened this week, got chased by dogs again, but that always happens haha, ummm... yeah its just been another wild week.  OH! So my camera charger broke and I need a new one from the states so I can charge my camera to take pictures. So hopefully you know what type of camera I have.  If not I'll bring it to email next time and write the details about it.  But send it in a yellow envelope the big ones so it´ll get here faster.  With some candy of course ;) but yeah... all is well. 

Spanish is coming, I can talk good for 2 months and 2 weeks in Argentina. At least compared to the other missionaries I can and the natives say so that's good. Everyone always says ¨you don't seem like a new missionary¨ and I just say well thanks haha but that's nice of them to say. But maybe its just cause I like to do work, but yeah... anyway all is well.  

I don't have much to write. All 4 of my converts are doing very well. That's always good to hear.  Granted its only been a few months but they are all doing super well so that's exciting! ha so that's good. Hopefully I can get more this transfer! woot woot! 

I have 60 pesos to last me the rest of the month.. Looks like I'll be eating rice and water haha cause I don't wanna take out personal money! Yay rice :) its only 10 days or so, so it shouldn't be to bad... haha lets see... yeah that's about it.  I'm off to write president so if I have time I'll write another one.  Sorry this email is boring!

Elder Perkins

So I have a few minutes, lets see.  Shout out time to all my blog members that are following me,..... ¨I love you all¨  HAHA
How's everything at home? Hopefully its all good. The kids should be getting out of school now for the summer. I know this because Here its getting collldddd! BURRRR! haha and we have just begun the fun... tracting in the cold, the dark, the rain, and all that good stuff :) haha so that's fun. 

I love the people here. They are the best. They always invite you in the house to drink mate with them (a drink) and watch soccer. To bad we cant do either,,,, but yeah there the best haha I love it here!

Send that package mom! love ya fam!


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