Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Lord Works In Small and Simple Ways

Oh my family, what to tell you.  I'm sure you are waiting to know everything but sadly that can't be done in an email haha but I'll try to fill you in. 

Sounds like all is well there.  This week has been very good.  

We are working with some good people.   First family is Martin y Antonilla.  We are planning a wedding for them now, and then their baptism so thetas very exciting!! WOOT WOOT!  

Jorge is a 60 year old man that will get baptised in about 4 weeks or so, when he arrives home from his trip. And those are the main investigators that we have right now.  

Missionary work is the most stressful hard thing in the world! haha Oh how I wish I could just show people how good the gospel is so they can accept it now rather than waiting FOREVER to accept it.. haha 

Conference was very good!  Actually they had a special room/TV where all the Yanks (that's what Americans are called) got to go watch all of conference in English. So that was very good.  Very good talks this year.  I was surprised that EVERY talk was about families.  SO that was different but still very good. 

The weather here is killer hot!!  I tell you what... I sweat and sweat and sweat lol but its fun.

Yes, I play the piano in sacrament meetings when the lady who normally does it isn't there.  Which is about half the time haha the people here have a very tough time going to church. Not sure why... but they do lol 

Teaching and studying are very good.  I thought I wouldn't like studying the gospel every morning but I do.  It's very good I learn lots!  My scriptures are very marked up lol but no, it's good.  Teaching is good.  I'm starting to understand people better and I can talk.  Not very good structure, but I can get my point across which is good.  

But yeah, this past week I was on a 48 hour division with a Latin (Latin=Native Spanish Speaker) and that was good.  We could communicate just fine and I learned a lot from him.  But now I'm back with my Comp.  Today is day 1 of the new transfer. 

Yes, my foot hurts but it's no biggy. I mean what's a little pain when it comes to saving souls? NOTHING! haha

Cool story:
Argentina is very good.  Me and my comp worked all day one day, and NO ONE would talk to us.  Well, I take that back.  Everyone will talk with us, but when it comes to the gospel they don't do that.  So we walked for a good 5 hours straight in the blazing hot sun.  And I mean it's hot and humid and LOCO!  So we were walking and saw a member watering her plants and we said HI and she looked very sad.  But we didn't say anything and left.  When we past her we were looking for a house number of a potential investigator.  So we left her and walked to the end of the street and came to a dead end and realized the house didn't exist.  So we headed back past the member and this time she called us over and told us how she was praying for us to come back so we could give her mother a blessing. So we went in and gave her mother a blessing, and then she wanted one for her too (she had some bad sickness she told us about for like 3 weeks) and I sealed the oil on their heads and my comp gave the blessings.  But the spirit was so strong!  Like it was the best.  Both the member and the Mom were in tears (from the spirit) and yeah way way way good. Now the mom we are hoping will want to hear the lessons. But the miracle is, is that who ever gave us a false address really turned out to bless the member and her mom.  Because without that false address we wouldn't have ever been on that street.  Just goes to show that the Lord works in small and simple ways :)   

Anyway... all is well here.
Tell Kellie and Conner that if they get their Duty to God Award and Personal Progress they will be in for a very sweet treat from Argentina! haha  Trust me they will like it.  I have found the coolest things in the world down here. They are 100 percent made in Argentina and wow... let me just say haha I've bought a few things for myself to use and wear and such, so when they can send me an email saying they achieved the next rank or finished it I´ll mail them some things.  And I bet right about now, they are staying, "He's lying and doesn't have anything cool".  Well, my brother and sister if you do think that I would encourage you to think again and just do it.  I promise you will not be disappointed.

Elder Perkins

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