Monday, April 9, 2012

Pictures! Finally!

So this will be a quick email!  Uploading pictures here takes way to long. 
So I'm just gonna send a quick note so I have time to send you pictures. 
I don't have many of the area I'm in but I have some of me and my companions and stuff.  
So hopefully you enjoy... I'll kinda label them for you if I have time. Uploading pictures takes like 20 minutes... so yeah.   

All is well here. This past week has been long. We haven't had much success at all.... way long week but that's okay.  Just means we can improve this week! 

Anyways... Love you all, hope all is well! If there's time I'll send another note. Tell dad to keep me updated with the sports. 

My comp and I are very good. Elder Washburn (my comp) is way cool and we have fun. The Zone Leaders are Elder Scoma (way fun kid) and Elder Sanchez (from Mexico), he's way cool too. 

Anyway, all is well and yeah enjoy the pictures! Send me the link to my blog again thanks :)


Elder Washburn and Elder Perkins

He looks SO HAPPY!!

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